Orange Beach Wedding In A Tropical Storm

Our bride and groom had decided to get married in Orange Beach Alabama. Everything was all set, we had the arch ready that they had picked out and I was watching the weather channel like I always do. I had been watching it for a few days. I was concerned about a tropical storm that was forming in the Gulf of Mexico. When I called our bride and groom I tell them of my concern for their beach wedding. They assured me that regardless of what happened they wanted to get married that afternoon. I called my photographer and informed him of the bride and groom’s wishes. He said I’m ready if you are. As I continue to watch the progression of the tropical storm that afternoon I called our happy couple and inform them that we would not be able to have the ceremony on the beach as we had planned. Fortunately for us the bride and groom are staying in a condominium that had a clubhouse and we were able to use it. I remember unloading the wedding arch and thinking the wind was really picking up. Most of the guests started arriving and the rain started. Fortunately the bride had already arrived and was in the back room getting ready with the bridesmaids. We got everything setup and had a lovely ceremony in the clubhouse. By that time the tropical storm was in full force. As we started loading the truck I almost got blown over by a large gust of wind. We were finally able to get all of equipment loaded and the photographer and I were drenched. We made it over the bridges before the authorities  closed them and thanked our lucky stars we came home that only wet clothes them.