Chairs For The Wedding

And Alabama Beach wedding in beautiful Gulf Shores can be an event to remember for a lifetime. And I’m sure some of you are thinking about chairs. So let’s talk about that. Most of the time I tell everyone just get enough for the people who actually need them. Maybe 10 or 15 at the most. I’m sure some of you are asking why? Why so few? The reality is to not gonna be using them that long. You’re not gonna be sitting in these chairs for more than 15 minutes. No one is going to make people sit for 30 minutes in the hot sun waiting for the bride to arrive. That’s crazy. Most people are gonna get their 10 minutes prior to the ceremony, which means the bride arriving so they don’t have to wait in the hot sun. Most people won’t sit down until the bride does arrive. And since most wedding ceremonies are only about 12 minutes, you’re gonna be paying for chairs for 12 minutes. Then everybody gets up and starts mingling. So rather than have a bunch of unnecessary chairs that your beach wedding why not just get enough for older people, pregnant people, or people who are infirm or unsteady on their feet? Doesn’t that make more sense? At one time I used to provide chairs. Less than 1/4 people actually use them. So I quit providing chairs and started listing chair vendors if brides need them. It just makes more sense.