Small Intimate Wedding In Alabama

This Gulf Shores beach wedding took place near the Surf and Racquet Club, which is a great place to stay. Our bride and groom had met each other about three years ago and had never parted ways since. This couple was meant to be together. Another couple came with them which made the wedding even better. The groom and his friend brought down a little table to put their sand ceremony on bottles on. The bride and her friend brought down some flowers and I made a very fast bouquet. My fingers were moving quickly due to the urgency of the matter! During the ceremony the bride got very emotional, this was her dream to have a beach wedding .She was marrying her love and best friend. It was so touching to see someone so in love and so filled with happiness. Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks with the sunlight making them shine with a certain beauty of their own. Before the happy couple came down to the beach I had flattened the sand with my flip flops and wrote their names with the day and date Usually I unable to perform this task but the sand was very hard and easy to write on. The sun had just gone down when we finish the ceremony. So we were having to move quickly to get pictures before the colors changed to blues and purples. After we got through with pictures and we were leaving the wedding the groom friend told me they were so happy to get married at the beach. It really made my day to hear that. When I was walking to my car with the beginning of twilight it made me so grateful for the small weddings that touch my heart so much.