Bridezilla Wedding On The Beach?

Have I ever seen a bridezilla at a Pensacola Beach wedding? I can ask this question a lot. It is my belief that people seem to think bridezillas are everywhere and I am here to tell everybody that is just not true, I have been helping couples get married on the beach for 19 years and in my entire career I have only had two brides that were unhappy due to circumstances beyond their control but not bridezillas. And I married hundreds of couples. So that says a lot about brides in general. All brides are beautiful and for the most part very happy on their wedding day. They are not pushing people around or screaming or threatening anyone. Instead there getting ready, putting on makeup, getting into their gowns, and preparing to go walk down that beach to the love of their life. We do not seek drama or theatrics on the beach, we see beautiful women glowingly with the soft blush of sunset on their faces and they are smiling. We see families who come to the beach weddings that are in happy moods and talking with other family members and friends. I seen that TV show where you see women behaving badly on their wedding day. I think they need to come to the beach. There’s something about the sand and the water that seems to wash away all your stress and anxieties. I often wonder if some of these girls could come down here and put their toes in the sand that no one would call them of bridezilla again. Maybe they are just actress is getting paid. Who knows. But I know I will be seeing a lot of fuel on the beach very soon.