Stormy Skies For Wedding On The Beach

When you are thinking about cheap beach wedding packages? In Pensacola the last thing on your mind is seeing the skies fill with dark clouds. While that is exactly what happened to us yesterday. We were getting ready for the wedding and it was just a bride and groom, no guests, when the sky suddenly started getting dark. It looked like it was in town nowhere close to the beach wedding but before we knew it it was almost upon us. We were able to get the wedding completed and then the wind started picking up. We were starting to get posed pictures when the wind picked up a small tent and threw in across the road to a parking area. We were running back to the condominium as quickly as we could. Our bride and groom are laughing the entire time while me and the photographer were a little nervous. Yikes. I think they were daredevils at heart and love an adventure. This ceremony on the sand still happened because we kept our wits about us. Sometimes when you least expect it unusual events will take place while you are trying to have your wedding on the beach. Always remember that no matter what happens you can still get married that day. We have learned to be flexible throughout the years and have endured all kinds of different weather. It is rare to have an unusual storm like that at sunset. Most of the time at sunset is really pretty with touches of pink, orange, purple and blue in the sky. It truly one of the most relaxing times to get married on the beach. The scenery cannot be matched anywhere. Our beaches are as beautiful as any island on earth. Come see for yourselves and you will not be disappointed I promise you.