No Weddings On Blue Angel Weekend

This Saturday I had no weddings on Pensacola Beach. I’m sure a lot of you are asking why didn’t you have any Pensacola Beach weddings? Especially on Saturday? Well my friends the Blue Angels, a precision jet team, were performing over the beach starting Friday through Saturday. With Saturday being the main day for the airshow. This draws in huge crowds. The hotels and condominiums get booked up a long time in advance so it can be just about impossible to find a place to stay. A beach wedding during this time is extremely difficult to pull off. Although the show the ends right around 3:00 PM there are still thousands of people on the beach trying to get off the beach. The traffic is unbelievable. I’ve tried to do weddings on blue angel weekend and it was difficult for guests and the wedding party to arrive on time. The last time I tried it on a Saturday the bride arrived 45 minutes late. We were able to do the wedding but we barely got the pictures done before all the light was gone from the sky because the sun had set. But today is Sunday and I have a wedding on Pensacola Beach. Most of the tourists are exhausted from the busy weekend and the locals are not going to the beach today. So it’ll be a pleasant time to have a great wedding.