Don’t Forget The Weddings Rings!

If you’re looking for a beach wedding on Pensacola Beach but want something with the even less people around may I suggest Navarre. That’s where our beach wedding was. Everyone lined up to watch all the bridesmaids walk down the aisle in their beautiful green dresses. With their coral colored necklace is everything looks so beachy. The groom was standing beside me with his best man when he turned to the best man and asked him do you have the rings? The best man replied no he didn’t. I could almost see the bride’s head peeking over the boardwalk. Suddenly we had to stop the wedding. Horrors! I turned and thought maybe the best man was making a joke but unfortunately he wasn’t. I truly the irda for the worst. But we had a hero in our midst and he made a dash back to the condominium to pick up the wedding rings. This man was really fast he wasn’t gone more than 5 minutes. The photographer had stopped the bride at the top of the boardwalk and I went up there and we took some pictures of her her dad while we waited for our hero. Then he comes bounding up the steps with the rings and once down to the groom handing the rings off to the best man. This beach wedding was gonna take place after all. Are bride came over the steps looking radiant and her dad was beaming from ear to ear. Everything when off great, everyone was happy, and that day was saved.