Getting Married On Pensacola Beach And They’re In Their Seventies!

This delightful couple had a Pensacola Beach wedding with their families.  Their daughter had originally contacted me and told me their story. They had lost their spouses the summer before. This couple had met through friends and fell in love. They’re both in their mid seventies and decided not to wait but go ahead and get married. They went four our Island Getaway package which is great for small weddings, vow renewals and elopements. It was a beautiful day there on the beach and the surf had some nice waves. It was so cute, everyone had lined up for a procession down the boardwalk and onto the beach but are happy couple wanted to get out there and walked out ahead of everyone. So I guess you could say they led the way. It was a romantic moment having the beach wedding and their lighthearted and carefree demeanor really showed how we should all treasure the moment we have together. Everyone had yellow flowers that were just gorgeous and you really pretty seashell wedding cake up in the room. The condo looked over the beach and of you was breathtaking. Their grandchildren made a heart in the sand with seaweed and put their initials ills in the middle. I felt very blessed to be there that day and will remember this wedding for a long time.