Bride Rocks It At Hangout Fest

The bride and groom had gone to Hangout Fest and rocked it out all weekend. They had a wonderful time and the groom’s mother took care of the kids while they’re at the show. Their beach wedding in Orange Beach went so well. All three of their children were there as well as the grooms mom, the groom’s brother and his wife and children. It was a small ceremony on the sand under the soft blush of sunset in the gentle action of the way eaves. In the distance we could see a thunderstorm going on but were safe on the beach. The bride looks stunning in her form fit down that flared out just below her waist. I was down on the beach with the groom and their youngest child waiting for the bride to walk down to us. We’re all having fun on the sand and joking around when we saw her start walking down to us. The flower girl was throwing out seashells instead of rose petals which really fit with the whole beach wedding theme so well. Most of the people in the condominium or inside taking showers and getting ready for their evening meal so we had the beach to ourselves. It really made for a quiet moment on the sand between the two of them.