Another Pensacola Beach Wedding On The Sand

Our wedding that day started out with the a lot of wind. More wind be that I had seen it in a long time. There was another wedding taking place a few yards down from us and their wedding arbor look like it was about to tip over. Fortunately I had secured mind in a different way and it didn’t have a lot of drag and we end. When the bride was walking down to as she had at high/low gown, that’s a gown that a shorter in the front and longer in the back. She looked absolutely gorgeous. And she had no problems with the wind. She wore white sun glasses throughout the ceremony and the groom wore sunglasses is well. Very beachy. The water was just gorgeous with the waves and sea spray which gave everything a fairy tale look. With wonderful family and friends this wedding was a blessing for everyone there. After we did family portraits the photographer took the bride and groom down the beach and I stayed with the family and friends. We took turns having married couples pose under the arch and one couple was coming up upon their 10th anniversary. I got to play with a lot of cell phones that date taking pictures it was so much fun. Looking forward to seeing all of you at a beach wedding soon.