Getting Married In Gulf Shores

Are you looking for a beach wedding in Gulf Shores?  Well look no further. We had a really great wedding on the beach yesterday. Our lovely bride was about eight months pregnant and she looked gorgeous into her gown that she found at David’s Bridal. This beautiful beach wedding down fit her wonderfully within a line design. I really love the decoration right around her neck line that had a plunge but not too deep. It was one of the destination collections that the store has been featuring lately. It was just our bride and groom with no friends or family but it was a memorable day. Their ceremony when off perfectly with the family who was waiting to come down to the beach staying up on the top of the boardwalk and watching. After the ceremony there was a round of applause and much well wishing. I didn’t even know that those people were up there. While we were doing photos baby manta rays rode the waves like they were surfing. It was really a magical moment. Their beach wedding when off without a hitch and the sunset was beautiful with the temperature in the low seventies. The water was wonderfully clear and the sand nice and cool to the touch. As we left they stayed and looked out over the water and enjoy the moment together. Talk about beauty and the beach.