Who’s Beach Wedding Is It Anyway?

So you’ve decided to come down and have your beach wedding in Gulf Shores but there’s one problem, it’s not your wedding anymore. It’s become someone else’s wedding. And it could be anybody from your aunt to your best friend. I get a lot of elopements for this very reason. A few years back this bride was getting married in Gulf Shores and her mother planned the whole thing. And her reason was because she was paying for the wedding. The bride was wearing a deep ivory dress and she was about 21. The color of the wedding gown was not flattering to a young woman;s skin and made her look really washed out. So she called me four days before the wedding and told me she wanted to elope to Pensacola Beach. Fortunately I had an opening and I asked her what she is going to tell her mom and she told me she wasn’t. I saw her the very next day and got her married. We use the same wedding arch that she was going be using except we did it the way that she wanted it. I told her I was nervous that this was not going be what her mother wanted and there would be some dispute. She assured me there would not be any problem. The night after the ceremony she called her mother and told her what she did. And although her mother was angry she forgave her daughter and they learned to respect each other’s wishes. And she didn’t wear that dress either she wore a white sun dress. So the moral of this story is make sure you’re doing what you want to do for your wedding on the beach. It’s your wedding not somebody else.