Your Florida Wedding On The Beach

If you’re thinking about getting married on the beach in Florida there are a few things that you will need to know. There are some dates on the calendar that will be better than other dates. Having a beach wedding is a great idea that’s the best way to do it. But that’s just my opinion. Some dates you may want to think about avoiding all are July 4 and Memorial Day. And while these may sound like great times to get married on the beach you need to remember that you’re going to have all the locals and all the vacationers on that beach during your ceremony. Memorial day is the unofficial first day of summer vacation for a lot of people. And their gonna be running as fast as they can to get here. So if you’re planning your wedding you might want to wait about a week after that. One thinks of time to calm down and everyone is settling in for their vacation. July 4 is crazy anywhere you go. The only place I will do weddings on July 4 is Perdido Key in Florida. It’s not real crowded but there are people out there. Compared to Pensacola Beach or Gulf Shores it’s a walk in the park. May is a great time to get married because it’s between spring break and summer. So not a lot of people out here which makes for more romance during your ceremony.