Getting Married In Florida Made Easy

One of the best ways to get married in Florida is with the Pensacola Beach wedding. And while some may you might think this is not easy let me assure you that it is. The first thing you need to do is contact us. You can either call us or use our contact form and someone will be getting back with you within 24 hour sure less. Make sure to check out all the pages on the website. There is so much useful ember may shun for your wedding in Florida. We have numbers and addresses for all the different florist, places to stay, and just about everything else will need to know on the wedding resources page. Don’t forget about the Florida marriage license you will find a link to it on the marriage license page. It’s very important to get a Florida marriage license if you plan on getting married in Florida. We try to come to you if possible and if we can’t there are several public access areas that you can go to. The wonderful thing about these public access areas is there are no buildings behind them. And since Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa island, you will get that real island feel for your wedding. We have the most beautiful beach you could possibly imagine and Pensacola Beach was voted the number one beach in Florida.