Eloping In Gulf Shores Alabama

Is there a beach wedding in Alabama waiting for you? Does eloping appeal to you? Do you think it’s just gonna be easier with just the two of you? Will yes it is. We can handle elopements just about anytime you want to say I do on the sand. Of course it does depend on availability however most of the time we have been able to accommodate brides and grooms for their time to shine in the sun. We have two packages that are perfect for elopements. The first package is our Island Getaway package. There’s no decorations but it does include an officiant and a photographer, you get 35 color pictures and if you have more than two people we can get a little bit more up to 40-45 pictures. The next beach wedding package is the Two on an Island package. This one you get more pictures with and it appeals to people who have a few more people with them, about 25 to 30. Many couples that are the eloping choose one of these two packages for their ceremony. When you are having a wedding at the last minute make sure to check out a few things like how to get your marriage license is the most important item you will need to know about. Before you do anything check the requirements and make sure you can make it here on time. You will find a link on our web site that will describe wedding requirements for Florida or Alabama.