March Into Your Wedding In The Sand

March is a great month to come to Gulf Shores and say I do in your own Alabama Beach wedding. What will you we’re? That’s a great thing about getting married on the beach you can wear just about anything you want. We’ve married people and formal attire, shorts, and grass skirts. Most brides prefer to wear some type of flowing dress or gown. Lightweight gowns are prefer a beloved in this area for many reasons. A structured gown is heavy and could be difficult getting through the sand. That is the biggest complaint I’ve had from brides about structured gowns. You also get very hot in a structured gown. Your loose flowing dresses are by far more comfortable and easy to move in. We’re also noticing a big trend towards shorter dresses. That means dresses above the knee. Nothing looks more beachy than a bride in a shorter gown. As for them in there are several options there as well. I would not recommend heavy suits at all any time of the year, it looks ridiculous. Was the point of having a beach wedding if you’re gonna wear a suit, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a beach wedding. However I have seen linen suits in all white that look great on men. Most men wear a white button down shirt with khaki slacks and it looks great in photographs. What ever way you choose to wear think comfort and maneuverability above all. Looking forward to seeing you all the beach.