March Beach Weddings

We have been having a lot of calls from brides and grooms for Pensacola Beach weddings in March of 2015. Many of the couples that are calling are from areas where there has been a lot of snow and their ready to come down to a beautiful Florida and get married on the beach. A welcome break from the winter and all the fury that came with it. Although we have had a cold winter here in Florida it’s nothing compared to what’s up there. I always let the engaged couples know to bring plenty of sunscreen for their special day on the beach. Most brides are still going with strapless dresses but the link that has changed dramatically. We are seeing more short dresses in the past two years and we have ever seen. Personally I love the short dress on the beach. Seeing a bride rocking a short wedding gown is a sight to behold. Usually the couple and their entourage will be going out someplace to dance afterwards, especially young people. So why not wear that dress all night long. While some people have a reception at their beach house or condominium, younger folks like to go out and dance the night away. I remember those days myself. What fun to have your bridesmaids and your grooms men out there and cutting a rug on the floor, the dance floor. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you out there on that beach in your shirt dresses and yearlong dresses. Signing off from Florida, yours truly.