Are You Getting Married On The Beach In Alabama?

And yet another Mardi Gras inspired Gulf Shores wedding. This time the gown was more traditional however the bride put her own twist on the classic white. She had taken more to Gras beads and wrap them around the waist of the dress. How clever is that? Our bride and groom had come down from Arkansas to get married in Gulf Shores on the beach. When they found out about the parades they insisted on coming down and sharing in the excitement. Both the bride and groom caught a lot of beads and wanted to figure out a way to incorporate them into their wedding. All of the bridesmaids in grooms men wore Mardi Gras beads. And although it was a bit cool on the beach are bride and groom toughed it out and went barefoot. That’s ride their foot on the beach during wedding in February and its cold. But they said this was nothing compared to what their accustomed to so I really had to congratulate them. After the ceremony everyone headed back to the house for some cake and goodies. Her uncle was making jambalaya on the deck under the house. Of course since it was a little chilly cocktails were sure to warm everyone up. The view from the back of the house overlooked the Gulf of Mexico and really added to the festivities. As we were leaving the bride and groom were toasting and everyone wishing them well.