Are You Getting Married In Gulf Shores For Valentines Day?

Last year I had a bride who wanted a Gulf Shores beach wedding on Valentine’s Day.  Her heart was set on it, with a vision of a white gown trimmed in red hearts.  And a red rose bouquet.  That would look so pretty on the beach.  So the day arrived for the bride and groom to get married on the beach in Gulf Shores.  The wedding was going very smoothly.  All the bridesmaids came down the aisle including a thirteen year old young lady who seemed terrified.  While the ceremony was going on I noticed her started to sway.  I had talked to my photographer before the wedding to keep an eye on her.  My concern was this Gulf Shores wedding could get interrupted by a teenager passing out.  She was so pale.  The end of the ceremony was rapidly approaching and I could tell at any minute she was going down.  As I told the groom he may kiss the bride I quickly stepped to her side and her grandmother and I caught her and laid her gently on the sand.  No one seemed to notice as they were all caught up in the moment.  She recovered very quickly and was able to participate in pictures.  Grandmother saved the day.  Hooray.