Beautiful Brides On Pensacola Beach

Brides and grooms from around the country are coming to a Pensacola Beach wedding near you. We’re getting calls from soon to be married couples looking for that perfect spot to say I do. So many brides and grooms who call are really shocked when I tell them how easy it is to get married on Pensacola Beach or on any beach in the area. I always say this, all you need to do a show up with a marriage license and leave the rest of us. We’re doing a lot of small weddings this year with the Island Getaway package being as popular as usual. And also some of our new wedding packages, the bamboo ones. Two of our new packages if really produced a lot of interest with brides and grooms. Mermaids Tale and Easter Island have been generating a lot of questions. One question is about the different colored chiffon set we can use with these packages. I always ask engaged couples why they wanna wedding on Pensacola Beach and the answer is always the same. It’s an area that is smaller than most yet has a lot to do. It’s easy to go down the beach and have a piece of sand you can call your own. There’s nothing like walking hand in hand on the sand by the water and gazing off into the sunset. If such oh wedding friendly beach also. There’s plenty of places to go and have your ceremony without a lot of people around and no buildings in the background. A year more developed resort areas you cannot find a beach that doesn’t have buildings in the background. So if you’re looking for more intimate wedding you’ve come to the right place. Call us now and let us make your dream wedding come true.