Florida Marriage License Information

If you planning a Pensacola beach wedding you are going to need a Florida marriage license.  Obtaining a Florida marriage license is easier than you think. But first you need to establish whether you’re a Florida resident or a non resident. There are different requirements for residency status. Most of you are gonna be coming from out of town to get married on Pensacola Beach. You should know that most marriage license offices in the state of Florida are only open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All Florida marriage license offices are closed for major holidays including Hanukkah. Make sure to arrive at the office by 4:00 PM. These are Florida State offices so when 5:00 PM comes these offices close and do not stay open any longer. What this means to you is if you’re not done by 5:00 PM you have to come back tomorrow. If tomorrow is on a Saturday you’re not going to get your marriage license. And since you do wanna get married on the beach you’re gonna need that marriage license. Brides and grooms make sure to read this carefully. There are no exceptions. It’ll take about 30 to 45 minutes to get your marriage license. You will also need to read a booklet on divorce, don’t feel alone everyone has to read it. Unfortunately there is no way around this without paying a lot of money. If you’re willing to fork out an extra $300 then yes you can get around this. Only use this option if absolutely necessary.