Color Combos For Weddings On The Beach

When getting considering a Pensacola beach wedding certain color combinations work better than others.With the color of the white sand and the blue green water you may want to consider, several different color palettes. Orange and yellow look very nice on the beach for a wedding. Also neutrals look really good. One reason is bridesmaids dresses and bouquets will really pop up against a neutral background. Remember that you don’t want everything to match too much. The reason for this is nothing will pop. If there are no complimentary or contrast in colors in your setup everything will blend in together. And you really don’t want that because it looks too bland. Brides mostly where white but we’ve also seen different colors such as blue, champagne, ivory, green and red trimmed dresses, every color of the rainbow. If you had your bridesmaids dresses in your grooms minced ties all matching your dress there would be no destination to make the bride standout and from the rest of the bridal party. And we want the bride to stand out because she’s the star that twinkles on the beach. And when you’re planning you attire for the wedding party you may want to consider a more laid back look if that’s what you’re going for. Most men wear white button down short sleeve shirts and khaki slacks. Of course the ladies like to dress up more and it looks really good with that casual yet dressy look that the grooms men have. I’ll be seeing you on Pensacola Beach in Florida.