Saying I Do On The Sand

A Pensacola Beach wedding is unlike any other wedding you’ll ever see. The first thing you’re gonna notice is everything looks like a regular wedding. Then you noticed that no one is wearing shoes. You’ll also noticed that most people seem very relaxed and carefree. Everyone is smiling and no one is sitting down. Most people are walking around the beach and chatting with everyone else that has gathered there to celebrate the moment. The groom is wearing a short sleeve shirt a pair of khakis. The grooms men are wearing the same thing and hanging out with the groom looking at the water and just talking. You will notice that nothing is formal. It’s about as informal issue can get. There’s probably some sort of wedding arch made out of bamboo with seashell decoration. Then you’ll notice and when the bride arrives she and her bridesmaids are wearing comfortable dresses that flow in the breeze. They are smiling and laughing as they get out of the cars. As the ladies line up for the walk down the aisle the bride’s dad is standing beside her with a huge smile on his face. The photographer is taking pictures of all the bridal party and guests. And then at the very last moment as the sun shines on the beach with gold and light the bride begins her walk down to the love of her life.