What’s New With Beach Weddings

There’s a lot of news out there about beach weddings. While some areas have decided to put restrictions on what you can, there are some areas that are still very open to what you can do. Some of these are Pensacola Beach Florida and Gulf Shores Alabama. There also new ways too do your sand ceremony which had become quite creative. One of the nicest ones I’ve seen is the sand ceremony picture frame. Some couples like to use colored sand to fill in the picture frame. Then they can get their pictures printed and put their favorite one in the picture frame with the colored sand. It’s very pretty and is a great memory, especially if you have small children. Han tie bouquets are still very popular this year and look great with every bride. Many brides are incorporating seashells ended their bouquets which gives it that island touch. More brides are going without veils which has been growing in popularity through the years. I believe that one reason for this is the breeze which can blow your veil around. That can be a problem if you’re veiled as long. So be careful of those sales and keep them a short as you can. We’re also seeing a lot more couples with smaller wedding parties, some with only two or three bridesmaids. This looks really great for pictures.