Alabama Wedding In Gulf Shores

If you’re wondering if a Gulf Shores beach wedding is right for you then just say yes or I do!  How many of you came to Gulf Shores and got engaged? Were you on the beach enjoying the day and the sun? So it isn’t it just natural to come back here and get married? This naturally beautiful area be sure to bring out the romance in your relationship. Remember you will need to get an Alabama marriage license as this is the only type of marriage license that is permitted in the state of Alabama. You cannot bring other state’s marriage license into Alabama and use it. Also consider where you’ll be staying while you’re in Alabama. On the website on the resources page you will find two different places to look for lodging. Also consider what time of year where you will be coming. June books up quickly so make sure if you’re planning to have your wedding in june to call early and make your reservation. Saturdays are very popular in every month especially in june. Think about how many people you are inviting to your ceremony. The more people you have coming to your wedding the bigger the venue you will need. Make sure to share with them any knowledge that you have of places that they can stay. You don’t have to book their rooms for them but giving them a heads up on what’s available will make everyone’s time here easier and much more enjoyable.