January 1 beach wedding

Last year I had a Navarre Beach wedding at sunrise. Usually this time a year it’s really not too bad on the beach at sunrise but last year it was really cold. I’m sure most of your asking how cold was it. So cold I had on a sweater and a coat and I was wearing shoes which I normally don’t wear shoes on the beach. But my heart went out to our bride. She had on a dress that you would normally wear in the summertime and a jacket over it. Her guest were all warm and wrapped up but bless her heart she wasn’t. We had the ceremony with her wearing her jacket that she was still very cold but it was bearable. After the ceremony the bride and groom wanted some robe antic pictures of just the two of them. So first we took the pictures of the other couples with them that had come to celebrate their moment. Then we did the romantic shots of just the two of them. While the photographer was taking her pictures I help the bride’s jacket so I could rush in and wrap her back up until the photographer was ready to take some more pictures. The other ladies and I stood close to her in a group hug formation so she wouldn’t get too cold. She had definitely appreciated that very much. We’re able to get all the shots that they wanted and everyone left the beach with smiles on their faces. I’m sure this is a day the bride and groom will never forget.