May is the month for beach weddings

There is a reason why the month of May is better for beach weddings in the springtime. While the number one reason is the weather is just absolutely perfect, and I mean perfect. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cool. It doesn’t rain a lot in May. But the big reason is that during spring time as most of you know there is spring break for schools and I’m talking everything from elementary schools to colleges. During these times most of the accommodations in the area regardless of where you go will be booked. And any accommodations that aren’t booked will only be available at full price. And this goes from late February into April. And then in May everybody goes home. It gets really quite around here with only locals going out to the beach. During this time you can find accommodations at a great price and if you’re clever and noticed that the place that you’re looking at is not booked but a little out of your budget you can make the owner an offer. Many people who have these condominiums and houses will consider an offer if it’s reasonable. There’s a lot fewer people on the beaches which really makes for great wedding for you. There aren’t really any festivals going on at that time except in Gulf Shores around the middle of the month there’s of music festival.