It’s not too late to get married on the beach

With 2014 winding down we wanna let you know that it’s not too late to still get married on the beach. We still have plenty of openings between now and New Year’s Eve for you and your loved one. Now that Christmas is over why not come down to the Emerald Coast and walk on to the beach and say I do. A new year’s wedding would also be a great idea. Right now the weather is pleasant, not too cold, just right to say I do. While many of you are making big plans for the 2015 wedding season, some of you are looking to elope. We can understand that. Many couples choose to do this rather than deal with a large wedding. There are many reasons to do that and here are a couple. One that I hear a lot from brides and grooms is that there were some family issues that could not be resolved. The majority of those were people who could not make the wedding and were upset that the couple would not reschedule for them. Yes you would be really surprised. Another common problem that a lot of brides tell me about is someone it actually hijacked their wedding an it was becoming more about them and less about the bride. That’s a big one and the one I hear the most from couples who were coming to the area to elope. But fear not gentle readers, everything’s gonna be just fine. So make plans to get here in the next few days and let us help you say I love you in the sand.