New pricing for Gulf Shores weddings

Yes that’s right we’ve posted out new pricing for beach weddings in 2015 in Gulf Shores Alabama. These prices are also good for Orange Beach Alabama weddings as well. We really had to look at what brides and grooms were expecting and needing and one thing that came up repeatedly with affordable prices. Although the economy is supposedly doing better most people are still hanging onto their money. And you can’t really blame them. With the low gas prices that we’ve been expecting for quite some time, we can now assumed that more people will be coming to the Gulf Coast for weddings on the sand. When you consider how much it cost to get a hotel or condominium or a house, a wedding gown, flowers, it really was getting extremely expensive for brides and grooms to come down here. So in order to give everyone a little more money to have fun with we cut our prices. Beach bride weddings feels that it was important to give back to brides and grooms for all the happiness that we’ve witnessed throughout the years. I could imagine doing anything else with my life except watching people with joy in their hearts and love in their eyes saying I do on the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.