2014 Pensacola beach weddings in review

What a year it’s been for beach weddings on Pensacola Beach. We saw so many very different in original weddings this year as compared to past years with more traditional style weddings. It seems to me that the new brides are really going for touches that make their beach wedding uniquely their own. We’ve seen brides bringing picture frames for the sand ceremony that hold the sand and have room for our ladies to put in a photograph from their wedding. Know that some really cool stuff there! I see more people incorporating small tokens of love in two bouquets and their dress. I’ve seen brooches from grandmothers and handkerchiefs from grandfathers. Grooms are also getting into the picture by having watch is and cuff links from parents and grandparents. Some brides and grooms even had matching tattoos with the date and their initials. I say do it you want as long as you’re getting married on Pensacola Beach. I really love this area because of the ease of access that brides and grooms have. It’s not like a lot of other areas where you have to either payee to get on the beach or you can get on the beach at all. So Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach really do have this wonderful public access area for couples to enjoy.