Get married on the beach near Gulf Shores

Although you hear a lot about the Gulf Shores Alabama many of you be familiar with Orange Beach Alabama Orange Beach starts at the Florida Alabama border and goes too the gulf state park. This lovely little area is a great place to have your beach wedding. There are so many places to go and have a wedding without a lot of people around. You do have to get a permit to get married on the beach in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Or they have your wedding of mind your condo or rental house in need of a permit this seems to be a very popular way to go easier on the bride and groom without having to get in a car and drive somewhere. There are some great places to go have little bites to guy afterwards if it’s just the two of you. I would highly recommend cosmos and cobalt two great restaurants with great atmosphere I find them both to be quite romantic so where your wedding gown. I’d tell all brides to wear your wedding gown and rock it for as long as you can. Year only not aware that dress once so make the most of it. Sometimes you can even get freebies and who doesn’t like that. Maybe a small bottle of champagne or a discount on your bill. It’s a lot of fun to be dressed up together about having fun. This charming area has a lot to offer so please be sure to check it out.