Your Pensacola beach wedding is here

Just in case some a few brides and grooms are curious we have posted the new 2015 prices for weddings next year. Many of you will notice that our prices have been lowered while retaining the same great designs you have all come to know and love. With 2015 right around the corner many of you are getting engaged this Christmas which is one of the most popular times to get engaged. Some of you became engaged during the Thanksgiving holiday, and other very popular day for engagements. And while many of you are enjoying this romantic time it’s also the time to start thinking about where and when you’re playing your ceremony. Pensacola Beach offers many amenities and areas of public access on the beach where you can have your beach wedding. There also areas there where you can go and enjoy the beach after the ceremony was just the two of you for some romantic downtime. In other words just having the two of you on the beach together enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes I think that is the most dramatic thing of all. I’m hoping to see you on Pensacola Beach very soon.  You know the number now make the call.