A November day in Navarre with love on the sand

With November finally here Navarre Beach is beckoning brides and grooms to come down to their beach and have your ceremony. The weather is perfect for sunset weddings. Recently we performed a fantastic small wedding on Navarre Beach. There were only two people the bride and groom but it was a memorable wedding. Because of the time of year that it was there were absolutely no people on the beach. We had that beach to ourselves. All we really saw were seagulls and pelicans. There are some baby sting rays playing it close by the beach which our photographer pointed out to the bride and groom so they could turn around and look and appreciate the beauty of nature. They got such a big kick out of that. I really enjoyed seeing the light in their eyes and the laughter of their voices. After the ceremony we took pictures and we’re preparing to leave. I encouraged are happy couple to stay and enjoy this moment on the empty beach. Only the two of them and the water and the sand. The sun had turned the sky a beautiful light kink collar and the water was Emerald green. It was absolutely breathtaking.