How To Have A Beach Wedding In Florida

So you made the big decision to get married in Florida. Congratulations! While some companies try to convince you it’s so complicated that you need help from them, the truth is it’s really not that difficult. The first thing you will need to do is find the right man or woman who is your soul mate. OK you have that one. Check that off your list. Smile yes I’m teasing you just a little. Did that make you smile? Next you need to know Florida marriage license requirements. In the links listed above you will find alot of information on that subject but here’s the basics. Find the marriage license office that’s closest to where you will be staying in Florida. Find out if that office will be open on the day you will be purchasing your license. Get there as early as you can because it’s going to take about forty five minutes to get your marriage license. Make sure you have current picture identification. That’s very important. You will also need your social security number. Those two items are necessary to get a marriage license in Florida. If you don’t have these items you will not receive a marriage license.