How To Make A Bridal Bouquet

Many people are under the assumption that it’s difficult to make an outstandingly gorgeous bridal bouquet. Nothing could be further from the truth. In just a few easy steps I’m going to show any budget conscious bride how to design a gorgeous bouquet and you’ll be amazed on how simple it can be. Unless you got a crafty aunt, mom, grandmother or other wonderful person in your life don’t panic. Get your pencils ladies it’s time for bridal bouquet 101. First get a simple bouquet from your local grocery store. They’ll cost anywhere from three to six dollars. Don’t get an expensive one to start out. You’re probably going to trash these flowers because these are your practice flowers. If you don’t then you got flowers to put on the table. Nice. Anyway you’ll notice the flowers are already cut to the appropriate length for you. How convenient! The tools you will need are some garden pruners, ribbon, a couple of elastic bands or pony tail holders and long corsage pins. You can find everything at Wallyworld or any other superstore that is similar or you might have most of it at home already. Grasp the bouquet in one hand and trim it to the length you desire. Keep a firm grip on the bouquet, don’t let the flowers slip. You may want to trim longer until you get the feel of where you want the length to be. Next secure the bottom of the bouquet with the elastic bands. You don’t have to go very far up the stems to secure it. Get your ribbon and start wrapping the bouquet at the bottom and work your way up, overlapping the ribbon evenly as you go up. Secure at the top by inserting a corsage pin and you’re done. Wow look at you. You just made a bouquet. You rock. You can also experiment with crisscrossing the ribbon and other decorative touches. Get some bridesmaids over and have a bouquet making party. It’s also a great gift when going to someone’s house for a birthday, family reunion, you name it. Now aren’t you a clever bride.