Beach Wedding Pensacola FL

beach wedding pensacolaYour beach wedding in Pensacola will be a wonder to behold. Look at this romantic picture. The sky looks subdued with all the soft pastel colors of sunset. We are at the Casino Beach on Pensacola Beach. I have no idea why it’s called that. I don’t think there’s every been a casino on this beach. There’s a big water tower there that’s painted to look like a giant beach ball. That’s a very good landmark. This bride and groom had decided to go ahead and get married and had purchased their Florida state marriage license but had to decided where to get married. the groom had suggested the Casino Beach area because that’s where he had proposed to her. Although it’s not my favorite beach to do weddings on, this is their beach wedding and it’s their choice. So we were game. That day the bride had already made plans with the groom’s friends and had got an idea of a savager hunt. At the end of the hunt all the guys would arrive at the wedding site. They were late! We were beginning to think they would not make it but at the last minute where comes the groom. He was so happy to see her. His friends had his wedding attire in the car so he could get dressed quickly and run down to the beach. It was hilarious, but I really loved the playfulness of the bride and her idea of making the groom find her. It reminded me of hide and seek. Do you have an idea for your Pensacola Beach wedding that may be similar? Call us and let us know what your ideas are and we’ll help you make them come to fruition. We make wedding dreams come true for many couples from all over the country so give us a call. We’re not like other companies that cookie cutter your wedding. We make it special for you.