Pensacola Beach Wedding And Reception Packages

Pensacola Beach Wedding And Reception Packages

Pensacola Beach wedding officiant minister. Growing in popularity many brides have decided to come here. Your best option is to check out these Pensacola Beach wedding packages. This area boasts some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. Just look at the above picture to see what I mean.  We can help you find reception providers on our wedding resources page.

Or you can have your reception at your beach wedding house rental. Keep it simple and you’ll have more fun. Simple fare is better than a sit down dinner. It’s the beach so think grilling out and finger food. Save you money for a great honeymoon instead of eating overpriced food. One of the most memorable Pensacola Beach wedding we have ever been to was at a small condominium.

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One of the uncles of the bride was cooking Jambalaya in a pot over a flame. You have seen this type of set up at camp grounds. It smelled delicious. We went down to the beach and had a great wedding with the smell of some good cooking wafting in our nostrils. You could barely keep you mind on the wedding with all those wonderful aromas. Oh yum. We had let everyone go except for the bride and groom.

We were taking more intimate pictures of them and getting some great shots. Then we all walked back to the condo. The uncle had stayed with the food as it cooked. Some of the bride’s relatives proceeded to toast bread and make coleslaw. It was a wonderful meal that the whole family could share and break bread together. How entertaining it was with such a mouth watering spread.

The bride and groom toasted with beer and everyone enjoyed the simply fare with gusto. I could not imagine a better meal could be had anywhere. Some brides like to cook outside and enjoy the beach at it’s finest. I could not agree more.

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