Small Beach Wedding In Pensacola Fl

Small Pensacola Florida Beach Wedding

Your small beach wedding in Pensacola FL will be one to remember check out our small beach wedding packages for your wedding in paradise. Lovely brides and handsome grooms are flocking here like lovebirds nesting. We will help make the decisions you need  while getting ready for your arrival in Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Beach weddings has so much information for you to look at and put in your phone. You have picked a great beach for your ceremony. Pensacola Beach is the best place to on the Gulf Coast with many public access areas that are great for weddings. Below is a real small beach wedding in Pensacola Fl that happened on a special day, Blue Angel practice day. Everyone wants to get married in Florida with a cheap beach wedding packages.

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The brides daughter was with them in a stunning blue gown making the entire wedding party look absolutely fantastic. He is wearing spats which is a very nice shoe. I met them on the beach for their small ceremony and the bride looked stunning in her gown. What a beautiful lady! This couple got the Island Getaway package because they were eloping. They really wanted to celebrate and commemorate the moment but also have a inexpensive beach wedding.

While we were about halfway through the ceremony I heard a roar to my left and turned to see the Navy precision flight team The Blue Angels cruising up from the Gulf of Mexico, right behind us. After The Blue Angels roared past us the groom turned to me and said, thank you Karen. Wow what a wedding that was! The Blue Angels fly have flown by our weddings on the beach before but never that low, right along the shoreline. I was absolutely blown away.

I will always remember it. You should have seen the expression on my face. My mouth is open because I was so surprised. They were so close I felt like I could reach out and touch them. Loud does not begin to describe it. They were thundering. It was very exciting for the bride, groom and the brides daughter.I love it when something like this happens. It really makes the moment even more memorable for the couple because they will be able to look at that relive that moment in time. If you really must know it scared me a little because you couldn’t really hear the sound until they are very close and it is like boom. I jumped!