Simple Beach Wedding

Stress free wedding on the beach

Are you coming to Florida? Do you want your own Pensacola wedding? Then look no further than here. Imagine walking across the sand to the Gulf and saying your vows. Sunset is the best time to get married. Fewer people on the beach during your ceremony. Love in the afternoon is so romantic. We have 1 package for beach weddings that may appeal to you and they are always Pensacola Beach weddings. Our first wedding is Island Getaway.

The wedding package comes with an officiant for simple wedding venues near me. There are decorations with the package, it is for couples who are only interested in some photos and the beach as their background. This package is best for small weddings of 25 or less.

Beach Wedding Florida

The difference is you get more photos. If you have more than 15 people this would be the ideal package for you. Keeping it simple but providing you more memories. Not everyone one is looking for decorations. Some people prefer something that only has a stunning beach. This is their desire to have a natural setting. Many couples wanting an elopement or second wedding choose one of these two packages. Most of the time there is only a bride and groom at the ceremony.

Sometimes there might be a few family members or friends. Smaller weddings can be less stressful than a larger wedding because of the amount of people. Fewer people equals less stress on the bride and groom another great reason to choose one of these packages. The Island Getaway is our most popular package. Most couples at our smaller weddings on the beach dress comfortably. It is not uncommon to see grooms in khaki shorts and short sleeve shirts and brides in sundresses. However we also see linen suits and full length wedding gowns. It depends on what you want for your wedding.

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