New Caribbean Dream Colors

Pensacola Beach bride and groom

Here is the Caribbean Dream with the lanterns and hydrangeas. It was breezy that day. The water was beautiful.

coral caribbean dream

I really love it coral color on the beach. The pop of color on the sand makes for a pleasant background.

Red roses

One couple wanted red roses because it was so close to Valentines Day and we were more than happy to grant their wish. I like the way it looks. The lanterns make the roses color pop even better.

Natural color

The more natural look is for those who are looking for something with less color and more neutral elements like wood, rope, starfish and seashells. We can replace the starfish and shepherds hook with a bamboo pole and bouquets which look nice with the lanterns.

star gazer caribbean dream

Stargazer lilies always look pretty at a wedding. If you like pink this may be the package for you. It looks very nice with the Gulf of Mexico.

black and purple

Everybody is different.