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Alabama Beach Chapel

Alabama beach wedding company for sale. Gulf Shores wedding chapels also known as the beach. Just look at the Gulf of Mexico. Outdoor weddings are the best wedding chapels on the planet. You are in a place that God created, not a man made building. So it can’t get any better than the beach. You will love to get married  in Gulf Shores on the beach because it is so beautiful. May and October are great months to get married because it’s not nearly as hot. Thinking of a Gulf Shores elopement package? While some brides think June is the best month for weddings.

Elope To Alabama

I can tell you from experience some of the best months for weddings are not in June. Sorry all you fans of June weddings but other months have become just as popular and alot better for brides and wedding parties. Remember you are going to be in a place where summer can be brutal when it comes to the heat. Midday weddings are next to impossible unless you want older folks getting sick. September has become very big with brides for beach weddings on the Gulf Coast. It is not as hot as July and the later in the month you wait the better it is.

Why tolerate the heat when you can have Indian summer instead? The couple pictures waited and just look at that sunset. This time of year the sun is over the water which does not happen in summer. Just another reason to wait it out until the beginning of fall. Want another good reason not to do a June wedding? The crowds are very heavy in the summer. Everyone is going on vacation and the locals come to the as well. Bet you did not think about that one, the locals. Remember they love the beach to and want to have fun in the sun. So think about fall for your wedding and call us now.

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