Gulf Shores Beach Weddings And Receptions

Weddings And Receptions In Alabama

Alabama beach wedding company for sale. Another Gulf Shores beach wedding in Alabama on a white sand beach with beautiful water and a happy couple. This bride and groom wanted to live the dream of getting married on a beach. We were able to provide them with links and information . I was able to guide them into two web sites that are popular four houses and condominiums so they can pick the ideal place to stay. Everyone wants to be able to have their honeymoon overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on a balcony. Making up the next morning as husband and wife and having that view is so romantic. And isn’t romance what it’s all about?  Having a Gulf Shores wedding can draw you closer because you’re in nature it is the best church in the world. The bride’s daughter was the flower girl and she did such a good job. This young lady took her job very seriously making sure to only drop one petal at a time. By the time she down to us she still had a basket full of petals. Then she proceeded to dump them on the groom’s feet. We all giggled softly and the groom was about to burst with laughter. We congratulated her on her good petal throwing ability. She is a charmer for sure. The father of the bride was there as well, walking his daughter down to her husband on the soft sand. Her father eyes glistening as he kissed her goodbye. The groom hugged him and whispered warm words that made the bride’s dad smile. It was a very touching moment in their lives and I got to be present. After the ceremony the child like horse play broke out with everyone running around the beach and enjoying their time in the sun. As the evening began we left them to watch the sunset.