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One Gulf Shores Wedding turns into a vow renewal. And from the smile on this bridal face you can tell she was happy. Soon after we first were contacted we were told this would be a wedding. Imagine how surprised we were when we were told the magic word, vow renewal. We can customize Gulf Shores beach wedding packages with different colors. We do many of them and what a wonderful way to celebrate your love for each other. This couple decided to renew their vows after eleven years of marriage. When they first got married it was in a courthouse. Next they wanted something that spoke to them so they decided on a Gulf Shores wedding minister.

Good Memories Of Beach Wedding

He went to school here years ago and as a result had good memories of the area. So here is where they ended up professing their love eleven years later. Undoubtedly they were feeling very romantic and brought tears to both their eyes. There was a wedding gown and bouquet this time. And we loved her bouquet with the selection of blue in her flowers. Loved it on the beach. The gown had a sheer tank styled design at the bodice which flared down into a ballgown style bottom.

Here her veil for her beach wedding was a headband type of with the chiffon starting at the nape of the neck. Her ensemble complimented her immensely. What a beautiful bride she was. I loved it. Her calm demeanor spoke volumes about her relaxed personality. Very chill. Her fiance was the same way so the match was blessed in that aspect. Two people having alot in common is important for true happiness. The weather was pleasant that day with the bright blue sky making the bouquet clearly stand out even more. The sun was not to hot and the groom had linen slacks which permitted him to have adequate air flow to stay cooler.

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