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Finally Valentines Day on the beach with the one you love. What more could you ask for in romance. This couple had met at a local grocery store and fell in love. The bride frequented the store and the happy couple got to know each other very well over the months that followed. The hard working groom was holding down 2 jobs working his way through college.

They both had agreed upon Pensacola Beach wedding. That would be the best way to celebrate their love for each other. Valentines Day is the day for lovers and our bride thought it would be clever to carry a red bouquet. It was a windy day but not cold For this affordable Gulf Shores beach wedding. The temperature was pleasant. Her barefoot sandals looked great with her wedding ensemble.

Her father walked her down the beach into the arms of her fiance who had previously arrived. She was so excited with her wedding day here. What you need are inexpensive, pretty Gulf Shores beach wedding packages. It was everything for this  woman. Our groom was watching the lovely lady approach and his face was filled with joy. Talk about his megawatt smile!

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Weddings are happy days that bring so much bliss and contentment. Did you get proposed to on Christmas or Valentines Day or did you get married on Valentines Day? We got so many great pictures for them to remember the day. What was really amazing to me was how composed the bride and groom were. They were going to make this a simple beach wedding.

After the ceremony we posed them in family portraits which looked great because everyone had touches of red in their clothes. Red looks great on the beach, it’s so bright and vibrant. Some people say that red is the color of love and with this couple it certainly was. The glow of all the love washed over them like the waves wash upon the sand.

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