Pensacola Weddings

pensacola weddings buoquetsPensacola wedding in Florida is a great way to celebrate your love and have a honeymoon on a beach. Talk about the deal breaker. Can you imagine waking up as husband and wife, taking each other’s hand and walking out on to your balcony, what a view. It’s one way to do it. Everyone has their own taste where they will be after their beach wedding in Florida. Some couples take cruises to let off steam after the wedding. I can understand that. Even though we provide a stress free atmosphere there are times when it’s hard to not let the whole experience get to you. Some couples have rent a beach house overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. They want everybody around to help them celebrate. So every bride and groom is different. Some will want a condo and some a hotel. Speaking of that here’s a story about a bride and what she did. Another bride and her dad with a small wedding but those are the ones we love. It was overcast that day but filled with so much joy. This lovely bride and her father walked down the boardwalk with her daughter as the flower girl. The white sand matched her beautiful gown so that she mixed and with it, making the gown and that’s sand one. This unique look was in arresting to capture on photographs. I love to the father of the bride’s coral colored shirt which kept with the tropical theme. With a pleasant temperature this bride and groom were able to celebrate their ceremony on the sand without being too hot. Because of the weather conditions, it made for excellent photography because there was no glare to be seen. They stayed in a hotel on the beach. Do your own thing and stay where you want to.