Gulf Shores Wedding Packages

gulf shores wedding packagesWhen you think of Gulf Shores you probably don’t think of beach weddings but this area has become increasingly popular with brides and grooms from all over the country. You can’t really blame them. This area has spectacular beaches and attractions to tempt anyone to come down here and get married. One great thing about the scenario is the affordability for accommodations and dining. It’s hard to go wrong when you can get married on the beach in Gulf Shores and have a honeymoon for under $1500. That’s a lot of love and fun for a small amount of money. So what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you decided to come here and get married? With so much to offer a Gulf Shores wedding busy and you’re near future. Call us today we’re waiting to help you. A forty year vow renewal is a once in a lifetime event. Gathering together to celebrate the love that has kep them together is a moment to behold. Their children planned it so their beach wedding vow renewal went well. The clouds couldn’t keep them down. Want a Gulf Shores Wedding chapel in your future?  Just look at these happy faces.  This lovely bride and groom got married in February with plenty of family and friends present.  I love that touches of red for this wedding.  Check out the bride’s bouquet, the roses have little pearls placed in the center of each one.  Her red shawl came in handy as it was a blustery day on the beach.  The groom had on a plaid ascot that looked great with his red boutonniere.  Most people who came to watch the happy couple say their vows to each other head touches red in their clothing to make this wedding look picture perfect.  Here are bride is kissing her mother.  The mother of the bride walked her down the aisle.  The couple were married on the beach because they wanted something different than a chapel.  And they certainly got what they wanted.  You can see that most people have long sleeves or jackets because it was so windy.  But that did not keep our bride and groom from saying their I do’s beside the Gulf of Mexico.