beach wedding on black Friday

If you’re thinking about a beach waiting in Gulf Shores and black Friday is a great day to get married on the beach because everyone will be shopping and you can have the entire beach to yourself. knellThat really says it in a nutshell. Imagine walking onto the beach about 4 in the afternoon and there’s not a soul around in either direction. You and your bride to be just had a great Thanksgiving the day before and now you’re having a beach wedding in one of the most popular areas in Alabama and it’s deserted. Your pictures will be great because no one will be in the background and the photographer won’t be having to run all over the place to get the perfect shot. You’ll be as laid back issue can be and so will she. So as you can tell I’m speaking to the grooms out there or should I say grooms to be. I know that you’re future wife is out there getting all the deals that she can but you’re browsing the Internet for that perfect way to say I love you. And what better way to say I love you than with a wedding in the sand. I know some of you are probably in places that might be cold so let me tell you right now it’s 71° outside. Now you see why you should come down here. And the fall is some of the best time to be here. All of the tourist have gone home for the summer and we have the snowbirds coming in so it’s very quiet on the sand. I would enjoy helping you plan the waiting a few dreams so call me today. Happiness is just a phone call away.

the wedding dance on the beach

What Pensacola Beach wedding is complete without a dance on the beach. I know many of you are thinking how awkward and it can be. However one groom insisted on having a dance on the beach with his bride. This groom had it all planned out including having one of his friends play the guitar while they danced on the beach.Get married on the beach It wasn’t the easiest thing to do because this sand is soft but they succeeded in having an intimate dance while the sun was setting gently in the sky. I thought I was going to cry because no one ever done it before but I restrained myself. The photographer captured it which was part of the joy we could share with them. The soft music flowed over the dunes and was carried off. Even the seagulls were quiet. The two had longed for a beach wedding rather than a traditional wedding and although some of their family members could not be present it meant the world to the two of them. I guess we can all learn something from this bride and groom. They had decided to make this their day and they had hoped everyone could make it but regardless they wanted it to be about what they wanted. You have no idea how many calls I get from people who said their coming to Florida to get away from their own wedding because it had grown to something they didn’t want or felt it was a part of them. They felt like it was no longer their wedding and someone else had taken over. So followed this bride and groom lead and dance your way to happiness. Remember it’s your wedding let someone else have their wedding.

Grooms planning the wedding on the beach

The groom is planning the Pensacola Beach wedding. Although some brides love to plan their wedding you do occasionally have a groom who has a strong desire to play the wedding. Must grooms who decide to make all the arrangements are men who had a wedding previously they did not like and the second time around they want it to be beautiful.the wedding party I’m sure most of you are wondering what beach wedding package they choose. The two most popular packages with grooms are the Island Getaway and the Isle of Love. The funny thing about this is the Island Getaway package is the most popular package we have, followed by Lighthouse Point. It seems that most men prefer smaller more intimate packages over the larger packages. When men call most of them have done their homework and they know exactly what they want. They don’t ask me what packages popular at the moment, they tell me what they want, where they want it and the time. Most men prefers sunset for a wedding on the beach. Men also already know what they want to wear. One man even take down to all the shirts and bridesmaids dresses. He went for Hawaiian themed wedding accessories and they looked incredible. He ordered everything from Hawaii and it arrived in time. The shirts were extremely comfortable and the bridesmaids dresses were beautiful and flattering. So while many of you might think a man would have a problem planning a wedding I assure you they know exactly what they’re doing. They even know how to pick out really nice bouquets and flowers. And me and go for the most tasteful arrangements of flowers of ever seen. It makes me wonder if their moms might have helped them but I’m just being funny, you’ll be surprised what a good man will do for the woman he loves. So don’t doubt the groom as he is quite capable of accomplishing the planning of a beautiful wedding. After all he has a beautiful bride to inspire him.

beachy wedding cakes or what you like most

Having a beach wedding in Pensacola with that perfect wedding cake can be so much fun at cake cutting time. And with so many beautiful cakes to choose from a can be hard. A lot of the brides that come into this area for their own wedding choose beach themed cakes. beach wedding bouquetThese are cakes with starfish, seashells and sand dollars on them. They will also have pearls that are chocolate dipped in a pearly shimmery editable confection. But remember this is your wedding and if you don’t want your cake to look like that why not go for something else? What are my favorite wedding cakes came from a grocery store and it had devil’s food cake frosted with butter cream frosting. It was insanely delicious! I’ve also seen red velvet wedding cakes which can be quite decorative, the bride waved white dress with red trim. How about an Xbox wedding cake? Yes you can be nerdy and still have your wedding cake made the way you want. It doesn’t have to be traditional. This is your day, your beach wedding, so have your cake and eat it too. One I thought was really exciting was a Star Wars cake. It even had Yoda, who was made at a fondant, as a little figure on it and the Millennium Falcons. Her husband was thrilled because he is a huge fan of the movie franchise. And of course there’s always the minions what a cute cake that made with all the yellow. The bride and groom were little minions. Disney has some really nice cakes including a Mad Hatter wedding cake. So if you’re nontraditional and want to have something that guest will truly remember you’ll be amazed on what bakeries can do for you now. I can’t wait to see some of the ideas you come up with. Let me know.

The do it yourself wedding and why you may want to think twice.

Getting married in Gulf Shores and thinking about doing it all by yourself? Before you decide to do that you really need to think about what’s going happen on your wedding day. At one time I was opened to letting brides bring their own decorations until I had a wedding or arch almost fall on me.bride with kids That was scary because it was made out of metal. The arch started coming down and we all ran. Guess who was closest to it feel? Me. It caught the end of my heel. I’ve read about brides who said they would never recommend doing it yourself because the bride and her mom end up doing most of it. That’s right. Could you imagine doing all the cooking, decorating, planning on your wedding day? Your beach wedding is supposed to be lighthearted and fun with you spending the day enjoying yourself, maybe a manicure and pedicure, getting your hair and makeup done, or massage. You do not want to be working on your wedding day. And you don’t want your groom working on your wedding date either. After all you want him smiling and handsome not tired and cranky. This is your date to shine so leave your ceremony to us. It’s possible we try to come to you and set up our decorations. If you’re not in a wedding friendly area we can help you find one. There’s a lot we can do for you while you sit back and relax and enjoy your day. We make it so easy all you have to do is show up with a marriage license. That doesn’t that sound better than you running yourself ragged trying to have the wedding of your dreams? So go to the contact page on the web site and send us an e-mail or call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your wedding day.

beach wedding and honeymoon in one place

You have decided to have your wedding in Pensacola on the beach. So why not have your honeymoon here too? Here is one thing to consider that sets Pensacola Beach apart from other areas for destination weddings. kiss me by the seaAlmost everything you need is right on the beach. And if it’s not on the beach it’s in Gulf Breeze which is right over a short bridge. Not only does Pensacola Beach have restaurants and things to do, it also has convenience stores, gas, and salons. The only thing you will need to leave the beach for its groceries which are right over the bridge at the Publix. Most florists will deliver your bouquets to you for a fee. Or you can go pick them up in Gulf Breeze. Gulf Breeze is very small so you won’t be driving around that much. The beach wedding with less stress is right here in Florida . Plus there’s so much to do on Pensacola Beach even though it’s small. That means less driving to get to where you want to go or take the trolley which is a dollar and can take you to where you want to go on the beach. So how about a dolphin cruise? Very reasonably priced and the dolphins will swim right beside the boat which can be exciting to see them jump out of the water. What a great thing to do the day after the wedding. Start your honeymoon watching the dolphins. If you feel like dinner and dancing after the wedding there are plenty of places to go and have a great time. Wake up the next morning and step out onto your balcony with your beverage of choice and look at the Gulf of Mexico. Now that is a honeymoon in paradise.

beachy wedding invitations

When you’re planning your beach wedding in Pensacola make sure to think about invitations. Depending on what kind of wedding you have will determine what kind of invitations to send out. Lavender beach weddingSome of my favorites have been handmade by the bride and bridesmaids during a get together or bridal shower. They have included everything from stickers with shells and starfish is on them which look really cute to formal invitations. And of course I’m a big fan of the beachy cute ones. One bride had an invitation with little seashells in it. She found stationary cards where she can read the invitation herself, fortunately she didn’t have to write a lot of them. She wanted her Pensacola Beach wedding filled with beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Another bride had a formal invitation with a sand dollar laser print into the cover of the invitation itself. That was beautiful. But my absolute favorite one came from a souvenir shop when the bride and groom and were down here checking out places to stay, wedding cake and flowers. This wedding invitation was a little bottle had seen the net and seashells, about the size of hot sauce bottle. Inside was a wedding invitation written on a piece of paper with directions made into a treasure map where X marks the spot to have the wedding. That was really different and unique. All the guest loved it and it made for great keepsake for all the guests. Because when do you ever get a message in a bottle that ends up being a wedding invitation.

Get married in Alabama on the beach

You want a beach wedding in Gulf Shores in May. You couldn’t have picked a better time to come down here. In May before Memorial Day is the best time to come down here other than the Fall. What’s great about coming down here in May is spring break is over. bride and groom on Penacola BeachThere’s not a lot of people here and everyone’s getting ready for summer. What that means to you it is there will not be as many people or traffic. If you’re thinking about eloping let me tell you there’s no better time than May. The weather is beautiful for a beach wedding with temperatures in the eighties and mostly sunny. There’s nothing like walking on the beach with just the two without the intrusion of crowds. You’ll also find better prices on accommodations. No waiting at restaurants. And we’ll be there to help you make all the decisions that you need. Remember the website has many pages that offer great information that you will need. That includes one of our great new venders for wedding flowers. If you’re looking to have a small cake afterwards there’s Publix in Orange Beach which makes a good wedding cake. I had one with devil’s food cake and a butter cream icing that was delicious. If you stay in a hotel or condominium make sure to check out the lobby for their different coupons they have available for attractions in the area. You can save some money if you choose to go to these. I know you love the area I know I do.

Wind swept sand and a wedding to remember

If you’re looking for a beach wedding in Pensacola but want something a little different try getting married in Perdido Key. And that’s what our bride did. This lovely area is small and very quiet even in the summertime and one that has spectacular views from the condominiums.sunset wedding As we arrived at the condominium we were met by members of the bride’s family bringing down drinks and cupcakes for the celebration afterwards. A small canopy had been set up as cover for the refreshments. And what a fund family they were. Shortly afterwards the groom his son came down and had on khakis and white button down shirts, int heir best beach wedding attire. As we prepared for the bride’s arrival I could see everyone talking among themselves with smiles on their faces. Then it was time for our bride. As she walked down to is the sun was gently shining on her face. We had a small moment of silence for the loved ones who could not be with us except in spirit. During the ceremony the bride had a small speech she said to the groom son which was filled with love. It touched my heart the way she sat down in the sand to be on a eye level with him. When the same ceremony occurred each family member, including the parents, had sand to pour into their vessel. It made for a very nice keepsake. After the ceremony we went straight into pictures and were able to capture the photo you see here now. During the winter is the best time to catch the sun directly over the Gulf of Mexico. With her bouquet raised above her head she looked like she was rejoicing in the moment. One of the most memorable weddings of 2015.

Art and a Pensacola wedding in the sand

For those of you wanting a Pensacola beach wedding and you love art, think about coming around the first weekend in November. That’s when we have the greater gulf coast arts festival. You will love coming to this event.brides and bridesmaids You can get married on the beach Saturday afternoon and spend Sunday enjoying the arts festival. This year there were many unique artists that many of you would have enjoyed. One artist used both photography and painting to create a unique mixed media work of art. There was also some sculpture where the artist had used a fish in cars and unusual submarines. One thing I really like about this art show is the music. The musical groups they have come from different areas of the country as well as our own local musicians. There are also different dance troupes performing different styles of dance for your enjoyment. What a treat it will be to stay on the beach overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, get married in the sand and enjoyed an arts festival. Maybe pick up a piece of some unique jewelry to commemorate your wedding. You will find many jewelers in the arts festival to choose from. After enjoying the festival why not walk along the beach and maybe find some of nature’s art on the sand such as seashells. You will find a wide variety along our shores. So have your beautiful wedding here and if you’re an art lover consider coming in November and enjoying what this area has to offer. We look forward to seeing you here very soon.