Wedding traditions

What traditions will you bring two your Pensacola Beach wedding? Will you stick width something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue? Or maybe it will be your grandmother’s locket that has a picture of your grandparents when they got married. bride with kidsWill it be a coin you got when the two if you win on your first vacation together? Were you jump the broom? There are even beach wedding traditions such as taking that first walk along the beach together as husband and wife. I’ve been seeing new traditions springing up everywhere. One of my favorite ones is the first dance. The most recent unique dance video I have seen at a wedding is one where the groom and his groomsmen are professional dancers and break it down for the bride who is sitting on the dance floor and laughing and smiling. I’ve also seen bridesmaids and groomsmen come dancing down the aisle together with the bride dancing down the aisle with her father. I love seeing all these happy videos. A couple years back there was that big trend to run into the Gulf of Mexico in your wedding gown. Also known as trashing the dress. We have several funny pictures of brides and grooms running into the water fully clothed. I have to admit that after their ceremony on the sand that watching them run into the water is funny. Especially when no one else knows it. One couple had not told anyone they were going to do it and use it as saying the shocked looks from their guests. Never a dull moment.

Orange Beach wedding in Alabama

Many of you may be thinking about a beach waiting in Gulf Shores but have you ever considered Orange Beach Alabama? One thing I really like about this area is it is smaller than Gulf Shores and less congested. It doesn’t have the crowds that Gulf Shores can get. Get married on the beachThere are several condominiums there which are smaller and there’s also houses. Remember that when getting married in either Orange Beach or Gulf Shores one thing to keep in mind is the use of the public access areas. If you plan on having a wedding in one of the serious you do need to get a permit. We can tell you how to get one but we can’t get it for you. What I really love about this entire area in general is that even in the middle of the summer you can still get around easily. Some of the times to avoid tuned to buying to get on the highway would be between five and seven when most people are heading two restaurants. Brides and grooms from around the country have decided to come to the Alabama Coast to get married on the beach. Another thing about Orange Beach is you have access to The Wharf. This unique shopping and restaurants area also has an amphitheater for concerts which happen regularly throughout the spring, summer and fall. Some really fantastic restaurants are also in Orange Beach including Cobalt which is beside the bridge over the Alabama Pass. I’m sure once you make the journey to Orange Beach Alabama you will come back many times it’s a great place for a beach winning.

Bridezilla wedding on the beach?

Have I ever seen a bridezilla at a Pensacola Beach wedding? I can ask this question a lot. It is my belief that people seem to think bridezillas are everywhere and I’m here to tell everybody that’s just not true, Navy beach wedding I’ve been helping couples get married on the beach for years and in my entire career I’ve only had two brides that were unpleasant but not bridezillas. And I married hundreds of couples. So that says a lot about brides in general. All brides are beautiful and for the most part very happy on their wedding day. They’re not pushing people around or screaming or threatening anyone. Instead there getting ready, putting on makeup, getting into their gowns, and preparing to go walk down that beach to the love of their life. We don’t seek drama or theatrics on the beach, we see beautiful women glowingly with the soft blush of sunset on their faces and they’re smiling. We see families who come to the beach weddings that are in happy moods and talking with other family members and friends. I seen that TV show where you see women behaving badly on their wedding day. I think they need to come to the beach. There’s something about the sand and the water that seems to wash away all your stress and anxieties. I often wonder if some of these girls could come down here and put their toes in the sand that no one would call them of bridezilla again. Maybe they’re just actress is getting paid. Who knows. But I know I’ll be seeing a lot of fuel on the beach very soon.

September 2015 weddings

Do you want a Pensacola Beach wedding in the autumn months? May I recommend October. This pleasant time of year has some of the best weather you could ask for. gulf shores weddingThe beach is beautiful and there are a lot of people around. Which means the perfect time for a wedding on the beach. Privacy is an all time high during these months. Brides and grooms and across the country make this time of year when their favorite times to get married on the beach in Pensacola. With highs in the low eighties and lows in the sixties at night it really is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors without sweating. To some people this this summer weather. October is the month we tend to look up our smaller weddings with a lot of couples wanting to elope. This time of year grooms tend to wear linen suits and brides can still go for strapless gowns. Wedding attendees can be comfortable on the beach even during the midday hours but sunset is still preferred. During the winter the sun is writer for the water and makes for excellent for photography moments. So if you’re thinking of getting married during this time please give us a call today. We would love to help you plan your fall wedding in Florida today. Make sure to check out all of our pages as they all contain useful information that will help you become more knowledgeable in so many ways.

Fall beach wedding in Alabama

With August coming to a close a beach wedding in Gulf Shores for fall seems like a great way to tie the knot. As many of you know this season was a good one but very hot. We saw a lot of short dresses this year and I think the heat attributed to those adorable shorter wedding dresses.bride and groom on Penacola Beach But with fall coming we will see more longer gowns. Another great thing about fall is the tourists have all gone home and we’ll start seeing more couples and snowbirds coming into the area. This also means great deals for brides and grooms looking for condominiums and houses to stay at for their beach weddings. The rates for accommodations drops after Labor Day. So fall weddings in this area can be both affordable and more private. With the beautiful white sand beaches of Alabama you’ll enjoy strolling hand in hand with the one you love most. Especially when you’re walking down to the minister to say I do. This beautiful time of year brings better temperatures for an outdoor activities. This summer we saw a lot of hot days and warm afternoons. Like most happy couples were all grateful for the change in the season. The wedding season here does from spring into fall, with some winter weddings. Remember you will still need sunscreen regardless of the season. No one wants to walk down the aisle with a sunburn, although it’s mostly the grooms with sunglasses raccoon eyes. I know most of you who plan on coming to the beach this fall will be enjoying this beautiful time of year also known as Indian summer. I’ll be seeing you on the beach.

Fins and weddings on the beach

Our Saturday couple had been thinking about getting a Pensacola Beach wedding for a while. They were uniting their two families into one. Our bride and groom both had on the beachI went out to their condominium to speak with them and saw their beautiful wedding cake they had got from Publix in Gulf Breeze. The cake was an art deco style with blue crisscross stripes. The groom and the photographer went down to the beach to wait for the bride. And here comes the children in matching blue shirts. The groom told me he couldn’t find shirts along the way from Louisiana so he stopped where they got the cake and bought the shirts. So this wedding on the beach was going along very smoothly. While we were standing by the Gulf of Mexico we saw dolphins very close to the shore. One of the girls thought the dolphins were sharks because of the fins they saw. Everyone got a giggle. Soon here comes the bride. She’d looked beautiful in her gown and veil. That early in the morning there were only a few fishermen on the beach. So we had quite a bit of privacy. It was enjoyable to watch the children enjoying this moment as much as their parents. When we left them they were still on the beach and joined that moment together. Some of them running up and down the beach reliving that moment of their ceremony in the sand.

Perdido Key beach wedding

A Perdido Key beach wedding has been a popular event for brides and grooms and were looking to get away from it all. The privacy that you can attain while staying in beautiful Perdido Key is absolutely amazing. heart in the sandWhat separates this intriguing area from others is the lack of high-rise condominiums. There are more houses and condominiums. This has proven to be something that many brides and grooms who want to get married in Florida are looking for. And who can blame them? When you can walk up and down the beach holding hands with no one around to disturb you it’s priceless. This convenient area has plenty of restaurants, places to stay, nightlife and beautiful beaches to keep you entertained the entire time you were here. So if you’re thinking about having your ceremony on the sand look no further than beautiful Perdido Key. After your ceremony why not go down to the world famous Florabama and sit on the top deck to look out onto the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy a cocktail will watching the waves gently wash on the shore. It’s truly relaxing. There’s so many places to explore as first time husband and wife you’ll be challenged to be bored. So when you’re ready to take the plunge and say I do get us a call. We’re waiting for you.

Lavender beach wedding in Alabama

Our Gulf Shores wedding on the beach was a joy to behold with everyone but the bride dressed in lavender. Let me be the first to say there’s nothing like a wedding on the beach with teenagers.Lavender beach wedding Teenagers lighten the whole mood especially when their full of energy. And of course this group was no exception. The bride looked lovely in her strapless white lace gown. The groom had some of the most beautiful blue eyes and think I’d ever seen. What a handsome couple they made. They had chosen the Isle of Love package that has the heart in the sand. It was perfect for their small group. They picked the perfect date to have a wedding on the beach. Most families had gone home to get children ready for school in the coming two weeks. So when we walk down on the beach at sunset their work very few people around and we’re at a condominium that had four towers. To be on that beach was barely any people on it was great. Most of the time I tell brides and grooms to try to find a condominium that is not tall and has only one tower because of all the people that will be on the beach during your ceremony. But we got lucky today and it was fantastic. The two young ladies wore lavender dresses and the two younger guys were lavender shirts. And of course or groom wore a lavender shirt. It looks so nice up against the sand and surf. We did a couple of funny shots on the beach which is the young people really enjoyed and had some interesting poses add to the fun.

Getting married on the beach in Pensacola with false eyelashes

If your heart’s desire is a Pensacola Beach wedding and look no further. We are here to help you have your special day on the sand. There are many things to consider for your beach wedding including makeup.gulf shores wedding I’m sure some of you have noticed that false eyelashes have made a comeback. When you’re getting married on the beach please remember to be careful that your eyelashes are not too heavy. Although you really should wear more makeup than you normally do for your wedding you have to be careful by not applying your false eyelashes to the point where they don’t look real. Recently one of our Pensacola beach brides had her eyelashes so thick that her photographs made her have a not very flattering look. Her eyelashes were overdone to the point where she looked like she had paper eyelashes. Then we had another bride who had her eyelashes professionally applied and looked incredible. The cosmetologist that applied her eyelashes used a lighter hand and created a softer look that photographed perfectly. It was a hot summer so eyelash adhesive wasn’t holding quite as well as it should have. We saw many false eyelashes not behaving as they should have. It was rough on the brides. Does he took the time to have extra mascara instead seemed to fare better. Everyone’s face makeup for the most part held up a rather well. Most people were generous with the sunscreen so brides looked beautiful with the soft blush of sun. All in all not a bad summer for makeup.

Compromise and marriage

A Gulf Shores wedding can be an exciting event in a couple’s life. Starting out with each other is like a new adventure. While you’re on your journey together here is some food for thought. wedding on the bayAlways be truthful to each other and to others. It’s the best way to build a great relationship with your new husband or wife and the people around you. Getting married on the beach with the one you love and the people who love you can be a compromise sometimes. Getting everyone they are in the same place at the same time can be difficult. And sometimes there’s no compromises to be made. Some people might not be able to make it do to other obligations. And marriage is a compromise. When you learn to compromise you will find how much the world can open for you. Maybe you’re husband-to-be doesn’t want wear a suit for your beach wedding because it’s going to be hot. Don’t be demanding and make him wear one. He’s got a point. Maybe he wants you to wear really short wedding gown. Explain to him that’s not really your style. Plus it can be windy and that could be bad. Above all don’t be rude to your wedding guests and others. Everyone is here for you. Even though the stress of planning a wedding can get difficult don’t take it out on the people love he the most. Remember you have people who are going to help you with your wedding so be kind to them because they really want to try to make you happy.