Navarre sandcastles for happy couples

A great time to come to Navarre Florida to get married is during the sand sculpting contest. This event is held towards the end of September. sstarfish boutMany groups from all across the United States come here to test their abilities against others in the sculpting of the sand. That this is not anything that kids do, these people are professionals. We’re talking the top soft sand sculptors who make these masterpieces. Many of these people go head to head in a 10 minute competition with the winner advancing to the championship rounds. The winner is based on the audience applause. One couple who was getting married here had the sand sculpted for them with their names and a wedding chapel with a bride and groom. It was really as something to behold. Other pieces of art included, a headless torso, guarding pumpkins, and horses racing a motorcycle. There was even someone who had read a book for so long that they turned into a cabbage. Now that’s creativity. So grab your sweetheart and I’ll meet you want the beach, get married, and go play and the sand. I’ll be the one making sand castles with a little bucket.

Do you love music in Gulf Shores and the beach.

Do you love music? Are you gonna be getting married in Gulf Shores Alabama? If so you should think about coming down here during the hangout music festival. wedding signThis is a three day festival with many national music acts that features pop, rock, country, rap, and just about everything else. It’s really a fun event and if the both of you love music than this would be the best time to come to get married, have a honeymoon, and jam out. There are different kinds of passes you can get for this festival including VIP which enables you to have table and chairs provided to you and be on the beach watching your favorite recording artists. The festival takes place around the middle of May. There will be thousands of people there to jam out with and dance with. This year there will be a water slide, places to George cell phones and other equipment, lots of great club wear, and great gulf coast seafood. It really is a great event for music lovers to enjoy. Hoping I see their marrying you on the beach.

A very special moment of bridal history on Pensacola Beach

Recently I had the honor and pleasure of performing a beach wedding on Pensacola Beach. When the bride called me she told me of an impending hospital stay to treat an illness. knellHer future husband and the bride had decided to go ahead and get married and then she would return to her hometown to go through this illness with the support of her family and friends. I admired her bravery and courage to be so open and talk about this illness. They got my smallest package, Island Getaway. Because of the special moment that I was privileged to be a part of I decided to buy her some pink petals and put them down for her to walk on. When we met a couple left the photographer with them and went down to the beach and put the petals out. The groom wall down to as and there are wonderful bride. When she came off the boardwalk she saw the petals and it made her gasp with happiness. She turned to me and smiled. I felt like I had made someone’s day with a simple gesture of kindness. I have felt blessed before and today was no exception. I will always remember that moment.

Can a wedding on the beach be done with only a few days notice?

I get this question a lot. Elopements are really popular in this area due to the scenic beauty of the beach. We have done elopements in less than 6 hours notice. We understand when you’re ready to get married we can help you. One of my favorite elopements happened in Destin Florida. a wakj ti renenberThe groom called me the day before and asked me if I had availability. I’ve told reminded and asked how I could help him. He told me he had chartered a plane and they would be flying into destin the next day. I gave him the address to the marriage license office and supplied him with the information that he would need in order to get married, driver’s license social security number, etc. He also last mean if I could line up a violinist, and I did. My photographer and I and the violinist showed up about the same time at their condominium. The groom told me where he wanted to have the ceremony and we all walked down to the beach and waited. It wasn’t long before they were walking down to its and the bride was so excited. The violinist began to play and we started the wedding. About 20 minutes later everything was done and they were back on the plane flying home to Atlanta. It was a very romantic moment and I’m glad I got to share them.

Will Perdido Key be your wedding destination for the winter?

If you’re thinking of having a wonderful time in Perdido Key why not make it a wedding? Even say a family reunion since most of your loved ones will be there. One thing I really love about Perdido Key is it’s mostly houses with a handful of condominiums sprinkled around, leaving you a lot of privacy when you’re gonna really need it. shyThere’s a lot to do there on the Key and one thing I’ve always enjoyed is walking on the beach picking up seashells. During your time here that is something you’ll be able to do with the person you love the most. This affordable area will offer you much for little spending in the pocketbook. Your condominiums and houses are less expensive and you will find that the area seems more like a resort area rather than a tourist area. While there are places for you to pick up souvenirs for loved ones back home, there are also areas for the two of you to spend time together. Small intimate restaurants for that first dinner after the wedding that’s just the two of you. Maybe a dolphin cruise at sunset. I think you’re starting to get the idea of how wonderful an area this can be. Don’t write it off it’s really worth investigating and you’ll see what I mean.

Orange Beach Alabama is a great place to get away from it all and say i do with privacy

Having a wedding in Orange Beach Alabama is easier than you could ever imagine. This quiet intimate area is located between Perdido Key Florida and Gulf Shores Alabama, making the location an ideal getaway for the two of you. kiss me 3xThe Alabama Pass is located in Orange Beach and is a great place to have your ceremony. There is a boardwalk that leaves almost all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll have to walk to the sand a little bit but it’s so worth it because there won’t be a lot of people down there. The jetties make for great wedding photography with all the different rocks and sand thrown together in a beautiful landscape. The area is more natural so you will have wildlife such as the different types of gulls and pelicans. Sometimes there are even dolphins in the mouth of the bay. How romantic is that? Cobalt restaurant is also there serving wonderful delicacies from the Gulf of Mexico and it’s located right next to the bridge. Have your wedding and reception right there.

Have a destination wedding on Pensacola Beach

A Pensacola Beach wedding can be an experience you will remember with fond memories. There are many places on Pensacola Beach for a ceremony in the sand. helloPensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa island with beautiful locations for you to enjoy on your special day. Although the area’s small there are many attractions that you will enjoy all spending your honeymoon here. Are you a daredevil? If so you may want to consider a parasailing adventure. Imagine going up on a parachute ½ mile into the air and looking down on Pensacola Beach. Maybe you’d like something more laid back. How about a dolphin cruise? With friendly dolphins jumping out of the water and following the boat. Enjoyed great food fresh from the Gulf of Mexico at many of the local restaurants on Pensacola Beach. There are also places to dance the night away after your ceremony. Brides and grooms won’t have to drive as most of your attractions can be found within a short walk.

Is Navarre your answer to a ceremony on the sand

Have you ever been to Navarre? It’s one of the most beautiful areas you can possibly imagine and it is made beach weddings. escape to paradiseOne of the advantages that Navarre has compared to a place like Destin is fewer people on the beach during your ceremony. You will never find that in a place like Destin. Why you ask? That answer is simple. There are not a lot of high-rise condominiums. You need to remember that a high-rise condominium means more people on a small space up beach. The higher the condominium the war people on the beach during your wedding. That’s what makes the Navarre the best answer for you. You will find beautiful clear water and white sand beaches with seashells. Navarre is called the jewel in the crown of the Emerald Coast. Navarre is only 7 miles from Pensacola Beach making this area a great place for fun and activities for you and your beloved.

Getting married near Gulf Shores Alabama made simple

If you’re thinking about having a beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama, you should be aware that if you plan to use a public access areas such as a park that there will be a fee for the use of the park. hands downThe fee is reasonable and something you should plan for in your budget. If you have a beach house or condominium you can have your wedding they’re without a permit, providing the beach house or condominium gives you permission to have your ceremony on their beach. You may want to consider a beach house in Gulf Shores. .One advantage to having your ceremony your beach house would be a convenience of having your reception there as well. Plus the bride have to get into a car and ride to a location in a wedding gown. Many beach houses in this area are very wedding friendly, on the resources page our web site you will find links to help you decide which house would be best for you

When planning a beach wedding go for privacy

Being alone together on a beach without intrusions can make for a wonderful bonding experience that will last you for many years to come. tropical bouquetMany brides and grooms have started making this their new destination wedding area of choice because Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa Island. This area has many public access areas where you can have your ceremony with white sand beaches under your feet.  Walk together by the Gulf of Mexico and revel in the majesty of this creation.  Get that Island wedding feel without ever leaving the country. The money you save you can put somewhere else in your honeymoon to have even more fun.. like  a romantic sunset sail on a schooner in the bay.  Now that’s a destination wedding you’ll relive with your friends in the stories you will tell after your return home. A Pensacola Beach wedding can be a dream come true for both of you.