Get your wedding gown and khakis it’s time to say I do

Yes it’s time to get married in Alabama, is a Gulf Shores wedding calling your name? You’ve come to the right place with the best prices. Our goal is to make your wedding a stress free memorable experience.a wakj ti renenber We want you to come back here, to Gulf Shores, and live out your dream of getting married on the beach. We will provide you with information to help make everything easier. This joyous occasion will be one of the most exciting moments of your life with the people you love by your side. Some of you will want to come in the summer and have your ceremony, but some of you will prefer the fall when the weather is cooler. Another great thing about coming to Gulf Shores in the fall is the lack of people in the area at that time. With the exception of the shrimp festival it gets pretty quiet here the fall. That means plenty of time for you and the person you love most to walk on the beach together and share those special moments. With so much to do on the gulf coast of Alabama your time here will be well spent. There is so much beautiful nature for you to enjoy and fill your senses to the brink. There is nothing like having your windows open and listening to the Gulf of Mexico lull you to sleep. So pick up that phone and give us a call. I’m waiting to hear from you.

Color combos for weddings on the beach

When getting considering a Pensacola beach wedding certain color combinations work better than others.With the color of the white sand and the blue green water you may want to consider, several different color palettes. escape to paradiseOrange and yellow look very nice on the beach for a wedding. Also neutrals look really good. One reason is bridesmaids dresses and bouquets will really pop up against a neutral background. Remember that you don’t want everything to match too much. The reason for this is nothing will pop. If there are no complimentary or contrast in colors in your setup everything will blend in together. And you really don’t want that because it looks too bland. Brides mostly where white but we’ve also seen different colors such as blue, champange, ivory, green and red trimmed dresses, every color of the rainbow. If you had your bridesmaids dresses in your grooms minced ties all matching your dress there would be no destination to make the bride standout and from the rest of the bridal party. And we want the bride to stand out because she’s the star that twinkles on the beach. And when you’re planning you attire for the wedding party you may want to consider a more laid back look if that’s what you’re going for. Most men wear white button down short sleeve shirts and khaki slacks. Of course the ladies like to dress up more and it looks really good with that casual yet dressy look that the grooms men have. I’ll be seeing you on Pensacola Beach in Florida.

Congratulations 2015 Brides and Grooms

Now that you’ve set the date for your Gulf Shores wedding make sure to call and schedule your wedding with us on the beach in Alabama. hands downWe have many beach wedding packages to assist you in making the right choice for your wedding. We can easily fit any budget with our packages. Everything from an elopement to a lovely decorated wedding arch we can supply you with everything you need. If you go down West Beach Boulevard you will find more houses than condominiums which is a good thing if you’re planning to stay at a beach house and have your wedding and reception right there. By having the wedding at a beach house or condominium you don’t have to pay the fees for having a wedding at one of the beach front parks. That way there is no other weddings on that beach except yours. Although a condominium might seem ideal for a large wedding nothing could be further from the truth. Remember the larger the condominium the more people on the beach during your wedding. Avoid high-rise condominiums. Although they have a spectacular view they also have the crowds ago with it. Make your Glf Sores wedding everything it can be by following the simple rules.

Where to have a beach wedding in Florida

So you’ve decided to have a Pensacola Beach wedding.   Congratulations! You have selected one of the most wedding friendly beaches in this area. tropical bouquetWith plenty of parking for all your guests, which can be a problem in some areas, here you will have no problem whatsoever. This area is not overcrowded, you will be able to find places where you can go out on the beach and just have the two of you. Most of the other areas east of Pensacola Beach are very limited to what you can do on them primarily because they have limited beach access. Not on Pensacola Beach it has many beach access areas. Another thing that you’re going to need is a Florida marriage license. You will notice a marriage license link that will take you to the page and you can click on Florida or Alabama. I advise everyone to get your marriage license is an issue can. Once you purchase your marriage license and the state of Florida it is good for 60 days. Once it is signed and dated by your officiant it must be returned to the marriage license office where it was purchased within 10 days. Other than that all you really need to do show up and and will take care of the rest. It’s a beautiful day here in Florida so come join us on the beach and get married with Beach Bride’ve decided to get have a Pensacola Beach wedding.

Getting married in Gulf Shores Alabama

Some of you are planning a Gulf Shores wedding on the beach which is a wonderful event to behold. Make sure you have your Alabama marriage license as you will need one to get married in the state of Alabama. sstarfish boutThere is one thing some brides and grooms make the mistake of doing. While you are here make sure to wear good sunscreen with a SPF of at least 35. Even if you have a base tan please make sure to do this. We have been doing weddings in Gulf Shores Alabama for a long time and when you’re in an area you’re unfamiliar with its best to protect your skin. We have done weddings worry that the groom or the bride got really red. A sunburn can be extremely uncomfortable especially on your wedding day on the beach. So make sure to use your sunscreen and apply it regularly. Read the bottle it will tell you what to do. Also planned to bring appropriate clothing with you. In the spring you might want to bring mostly shorts and tee shirts but also a pair of jeans and a windbreaker. Although seeing a bride and groom snuggling is so beautiful and romantic it’s different when they’re shivering from the cold. Brides make sure to keep that hair moisturized even in the summertime so your hair looked bridal beautiful at the time of your ceremony. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on the beach, yours truly.

Do you want to elope to Pensacola?

I get several calls every year from brides planning their Pensacola wedding only at the last moment to decide to elope. Some brides and grooms want signThere original plans were not to do that at however when someone tries to take over your wedding even with the most well meaning intentions it can really grind on a brides nerves. Some of you think that it’s OK to help the bride out with your wedding which it is but when you start turning it into your own wedding is when you need to back off and let the bride have her wedding her way. Pensacola brides had been coming to me for years now and we have been able to work things out in some cases but in others the couple decided two go ahead and elope. And I understand that sometimes it’s hard to tell someone no. Sometimes you tried to tell someone know images fell on deaf ears. Believe me this happens more often than you think. We are prepared for that here not only with a year that will listen but a heart that will understand. It should really be about what the bride and groom have thought about and wanted to do together. It’s better to have the bride smiling and happy on her wedding day than to be angry because someone else decided to make it their wedding day. Listen to the bride do what she asks and everything will be just fine. Food for thought.

Where to stay on Pensacola Beach for your wedding

When you decide to have a Pensacola Beach wedding where you’re going to be staying can be very important. First you must ask yourself how many guest are you going to have at your wedding on the beach? knellIf you are just having the two of you or if you are eloping I would suggest that you get a small condominium overlooking the Gulf of Mexico or a hotel room but I would suggest you consider the condominium as it’s about the same price and you get a lot more amenities with it. These include a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. A one bedroom would be perfect for just the two of you and would be reasonably priced with a great view overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Remember there is a difference between gulf front and gulf view and you definitely want gulf front. You be paying the same money so why not be right on the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re planning on having more gas at your ceremony then just the two of you you may want to consider a house. And that would be a beach house. There are advantages to this with the big one being the ability to have your reception right there. It makes things so much easier and has less stress on the bride. So really think about what you’re planning to do and what you hope to accomplish before you do anything finding accommodations for your beach wedding is one of the most important things you can do.

Is an Alabama wedding in your future?

As I gaze into my crystal ball I see brides and grooms surfing the web looking for that perfect wedding planner to help them with their dream beach wedding. OK just kidding but it sounded like fun.hello I know many of you are looking for the right person to help you with your wedding. Look no further. Beach Bride Weddings is the only company you’re ever going to need for a laid back wedding on the beach. Two of the most popular places in this area are Gulf Shores and Pensacola Beach. Both have really lovely smaller areas that offer more intimate surroundings. On Pensacola Beach 7 miles down the beach road is an area called Navarre. Navarre is a small quite area is perfect for those of you who really want to get away from it all. How romantic! And if you’re thinking about Gulf Shores Alabama but won a little bit more quiet surroundings check out Orange Beach. There is a small stretch of beach that separates Orange Beach from Gulf Shores but this little area offers little shops to browse in plus The Wharf offers great shopping and entertainment with an amphitheater that offers national recording acts regularly. It also has a charming little restaurant called Cosmos which features incredible dining both inside and outside. During the summer there’s entertainment outside which you will enjoy together as husband and wife.

Saying I do on the sand

A Pensacola Beach wedding is unlike any other wedding you’ll ever see. The first thing you’re gonna notice is everything looks like a regular wedding. Then you noticed that no one is wearing shoes. shyYou’ll also noticed that most people seem very relaxed and carefree. Everyone is smiling and no one is sitting down. Most people are walking around the beach and chatting with everyone else that has gathered there to celebrate the moment. The groom is wearing a short sleeve shirt a pair of khakis. The grooms men are wearing the same thing and hanging out with the groom looking at the water and just talking. You will notice that nothing is formal. It’s about as informal issue can get. There’s probably some sort of wedding arch made out of bamboo with seashell decoration. Then you’ll notice and when the bride arrives she and her bridesmaids are wearing comfortable dresses that flow in the breeze. They are smiling and laughing as they get out of the cars. As the ladies line up for the walk down the aisle the bride’s dad is standing beside her with a huge smile on his face. The photographer is taking pictures of all the bridal party and guests. And then at the very last moment as the sun shines on the beach with gold and light the bride begins her walk down to the love of her life.

Gulf Shores weddings for love of the beach

The temperatures are warming up and a Gulf Shores wedding could be just the thing to warn you up from the cold winter. Many of you are thinking of coming down to the beach and celebrating your ceremony by the water. kiss me 3xit doesn’t get any better than that. Make sure to get your accommodations by going to our wedding resources page and checking out the sites that we’ve list there. You will find two sites that are great for finding hotels, condominiums, and houses. You can also go to your favorite search engine on the web and find a beach vacation rental. Don’t forget your invitations for your guests so they can come and celebrate with you on the sand. February is just around the corner and the last part of that month it’s beautiful here. Why not come.down for Valentine’s Day and say I do? Gulf Shores is a great place to come any time of the year. There so much for you to do here with several festivals to enjoy a while you’re getting married. The Gulf of Mexico seafood can not be beat. After you exchange fouls why not go to one of the wonderful seafood restaurants and we have in this area in order up some shrimp. Enjoy the sunset together for the very first time as husband and wife. We encourage you to bring your children with you if you have any as they like to participate in the sand ceremony.