Happy Thanksgiving

Beach Bride Weddings is announcing new prices for 2015. Some of our prices will be going down to accommodate brides and grooms on limited budgets. hands downYou’ll still have the same quality the GC on the website today including some new designs to help at a variety to your choices of decorations. Beach Bride Weddings would like to thank all the brides and grooms of 2014 for making our year one of the best we’ve ever had. We are grateful for you and your friends and family for giving us some wonderful memories that we will never forget. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to have this spiritually rewarding way to make a living and bring happiness and joy to others. I’m wishing everyone out there a very Happy Thanksgiving and hoping to see you all either for the remainder of 2014 or on the beach and 2015 making memories on the beach. We will be expanding our service area more and including gulf shores in Orange Beach more than ever. It’s one of my favorite areas with so much to see and do without a lot of crowds. Here’s looking forward to love and happiness for all of you from all of us..

Who to pick as your wing man on your wedding day

You have asked the woman of your dreams to be yours forever. Together you have planned beach wedding on Pensacola Beach. tropical bouquetYour bride has picked all her bridesmaids and has all their dresses picked out. Everything on her side is done so now it’s up to you to make those decisions that you’ve been putting off. Who is going to be your best man. Some men have their brother or their father stand up with them. Other guys like their best friend, that friend that’s been there in his life for years. But before you make that decision let’s talk about what makes a good best man. Make sure the person you pick is going to show up properly dressed and is well mannered. If not the bride could get very upset and we don’t want that. This guy is going to be them and that sees you through that big day and has only your best interest at heart. He’s also going toward a nice your bachelor party, no crazy partying, remember you have to look great for pictures the next day. I have the most confidence in the world that you will pick the perfect person to be there on your special day.

Jewish wedding in Gulf Shores

Mazel tov!  Oh my goodness one incredibly adorable beach wedding. The bride was Christian and grooms Jewish and were in Gulf Shores at a private beach house with family and friends in attendance.sstarfish bout I hadn’t done a Jewish wedding on the sand in a while and was excited that we were having won this day. The weather really wasn’t cooperating. It was misty and the wind was blowing. We were doing be heart in the sand design, Isle of Love, and I couldn’t put the petals down until I saw the bride walking down the aisle. Their cake and looked just absolutely delicious. The champagne glasses were ready and everyone was excited. I went up to the bride and I got the marriage license and the Jewish glass the groom would stomp on and break at the end of the ceremony. When we finally got started it was misting so much I needed windshield wipers on my glasses. We soldiered on. The bride came down to us and I threw out the rose petals. Fortunately none of them blew away. I had passed out small beach balls for the guests to throw in the air at the end of the ceremony. It with something the bride wanted. The ceremony when off great. We got all the pictures we needed. And then the bottom fell out. By that time everyone was inside celebrating.

The groom said no to crowds

This groom said yes to a wedding on Pensacola Beach in Florida. This young man and his beautiful bride had decided to tie the knot and say I do in the sand. wedding signThey thought of many different places on the Emerald Coast to go to including Destin, Fort Walton Beach or Navarre. But I think they chose to best place for them. The groom wanted to make sure that there weren’t a lot of people around during a ceremony. This groom was a quiet man and one of the moment the very special. Together they chose the Isle of Love which is the heart in the sand package. This is a favorite package for many brides and grooms when there’s just going to be the two of them and they want something small. The groom’s brother did show up two be witness to his brother getting married. The ceremony was so quiet and intimate, loving words whispered in the breeze. The bride wore a beautiful full fall down with a necklace and bracelet made of pearls with a starfish clasp. She also had a starfish comb in her hair. She was just precious. This couple had been together for more than a few years and had decided it was time to get married. I felt so special and proud to be doing this wedding.

Bridesmaids dresses redone in the best way

Before that beach wedding you’ve always dreamed of begins take time to think about bridesmaids dresses. knellRecently I saw something really interesting on TV that I thought it would be most excellent for bridesmaids. There is a web site called Vow To Be Chic and it’s a web site where you can rent beautiful bridesmaids dresses. How cool is that? I have seen many many bridesmaids dresses and most of them really can’t be worn again. Some can but only after some alterations are done to the dress so that it can be worn in social situations. Why not rent something chic? I saw dresses that rented for between $100 to $150 that we’re really quite beautiful. You can look good keep it in the budget and then return it. Doesn’t really get any better than that? You don’t have to worry about finding all the right sizes for your bridesmaids and the bridesmaids don’t have to worry about how much the dress this going to cost because being a bridesmaid is not only an honor but it can be expanse of if you’re not careful. This website offers an option for all brides and bridesmaids to sit down together and find great dresses that will fit in to your ceremony. If you go to the wedding resources page you will find information there.

Ringbearers and flower girls

There is nothing cuter than a ring there and flower girl walking together period most of the time these are very young children. And being very young children they can be easily distracted. a wakj ti renenberYou may want to consider having an adult walk down with them to keep them focused on the event at hand. Young children can get so excited by the water and the sand that they will forget all about the wedding and play instead. This is quite common and happens regularly. Come on their kids it’s what they did. That’s why we advise to have an adult walk with them to help them along. We try to plan your wedding 1 hour prior to the sun being on the zenith. That way you get great sunset pictures with all the oranges pinks and purples of the sunset. But if your flower role in ring bearer end up running down the beach to get to the water it can throw a kink in things so plan ahead and help the kids out. One time we had a dog ring bearer but that’s a whole other story. It did and well after we got the dog back from running down the beach. So by planning ahead and thinking of these things it can really make a big difference in your wedding going the way that you always envisioned it to. And most flower girls throw out one petal at a time which is normal so we give them a small handful in their baskets to throw. We put the majority of the rose petals were you in the groom will stand.

The lobster bride and groom

When you’re getting married on the beach in Navarre Florida or anywhere on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama youshy should consider wearing a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin and your look of your wedding from redness. When you’re looking back on your wedding pictures you don’t want to see yourself all sunburned and all your guests looking normal. Do not assume that you will tan and look fabulous. This is something that happens quite frequently with people that are unaccustomed to the sun and its intensity particularly and summertime. Because of the extreme heat in the summertime you can get burned in 15 minutes or less without sunscreen. By using a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more and applying it every hour you will come out with a beautiful base tan and looks stunning and that switch going for. Every time I’ve talked to a bride it is one thing that I’ve tried to tell them about so that they don’t get surprised on their wedding day. And no you don’t wanna be a lobster. And in a white dress or a white shirt read will stand out quite brightly. So do yourself a favor spray on the sunscreen, go out there have fun, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, lay on the sand and enjoy the beauty of nature. You’re in a beautiful place so take out that sunscreen and spray away

What to not wear to a wedding on the beach

So you’ve been invited to wedding in Gulf Shores on the beach in July. You’ve never been two Gulf Shores and have no idea what kind of attire would be considered acceptable. kiss me 3xIf you’re a woman you may want to think about something light colored and light weight. Depending on what type of wedding you’re being invited to it can be anything from a sun dress to something more formal but keep it flowing and comfortable. It’s going to be July and even at sunset it’s going to be warm, very warm, we are talking upper eighties. If you’re a man I would suggest slacks and a light weight, light colored shirt. Both men and women should think about wearing flip flops for shoes. Dress shoes and high heels do not work well in sand. I would advise against that. I would also suggest for light makeup and waterproof mascara. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Do not wear black. If you are at a more formal wedding that was indoors you could probably pull off wearing black as long as it was mixed with another color. Wearing black would be disrespectful to the bride and groom and unless she want mother of the brighter the mother of the groom eyeballing you the whole time in may want to reconsider your clothing.

Parking for beach weddings and other perils

Your hair and makeup are done. Your dress looks amazing and your bridesmaids are all smiles and giggles. helloYour father is there to walk you down the aisle. Your decorations are in place and your minister is ready. Everything is falling into place just the way it was planned. You look out the window and oh no your guests cars are being towed. You are freaking out, what has happened. It’s the one thing that you don’t plan for but it’s the something you should. Where are your guests going to park? Do not I repeat do not assume that you can park anywhere you want to. It will lead to your undoing and a complete mess at your wedding. You don’t want to be remembered for the wedding were everyone’s cars were towed. Not a pretty sight. So what should you do? First figure out how much room you have for your guests to park. If you’re having a reception with catering and a wedding company bringing decorations they need to be able to park and unload easily, not blocks away. That’s one thing I like about Pensacola Beach four weddings, they have areas where you can go out onto open beach with no houses in the background and have your ceremony with plenty of parking. It does have its advantages.

Eloping to Gulf Shores or Pensacola

Its November and the beaches call you to sunset ceremonies and soft sand by the Emerald shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a great time did think about eloping on an adventure that will last a lifetime. escape to paradiseThat’s what a beach wedding is, an adventure you start together. Many couples come down here with just the two of them or maybe a couple others. They could be friends or family members. Have a simple wedding on the beach because after all all you really need is each other to say I do. We have a great wedding package called Island Getaway that is perfect for eloping. It comes exactly what you’ll need, an officiant, a photographer, and the two of you. You have no idea how beautiful it can be with not a lot of people in your ceremony. It really is one of my favorite packages because the brides and grooms are not stressed in the least. I think it is because there are fewer people here with you while you’re going through one of the most meaningful commitments you can make to each other. I do a lot of the Island Getaway packages throughout the year. If so let it happen for you. We can do this particular package with just a few hours’ notice if we have availability. We’ve done it before. I hope you find which are looking for and I hope we can help you do it.