October Alabama wedding

If you’re thinking about getting married in Gulf Shores then October is the month for you.¬† The Shrimp festival is over and Gulf Shores will be getting a lot quieter and slowing down some for the winter season.aloha wedding The weather is outstanding this time of year with highs in the low eighties and lows in the sixties you couldn’t ask for better weather to have a wedding on the beach. I think if more brides and grooms knew about how beautiful the weather is this time of year we would have a lot more weddings. I tried to encourage couples who are looking to get married to consider other times of the year than summer to get married. One advantage as all the tourist are gone. You’ll be strolling on that beach practically by yourselves. Now that’s great, you’ll never get that summer. You will not be sweating during your ceremony. That speaks volumes when you’re wearing a wedding gown. Imagine walking up for the dunes to the person you love the most with your friends and family waiting for you and the heat isn’t beating you down. You feel comfortable and you’re more relaxed. It doesn’t get any better than that. You really gonna enjoying the October time in Alabama on the beach. If you’re bringing children with you they will enjoy it as well. There’s a lot for kids to go and enjoy as much as the adults will. Gulf Shores has many attractions for the whole family. So come on down to the beach in October and let’s get married.

Pensacola wedding and Greek food

Thinking about a beach wedding in Pensacola? Well this weekend is the Greek festival. It happens every October about this time of the month. The food is incredible! Imagine getting married on the beach and the next day going to the Greek festival, eat, drink and be merry, and dance! pensacola weddingThere are plenty of volunteers to help you learn the steps. They’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s plenty of parking and it’s not that far from Pensacola Beach. Very easy to find. Go through Gulf Breeze and over the 3 mile bridge. Stay straight at the light after the 3 mile bridge go to your second red light take a left and your own Garden Street. Imagine celebrating your first festival as husband and wife. It’s a great time for bride and groom to enjoy all the area has to offer. About 20 minutes from Pensacola Beach and you’ll be celebrating with everyone else. With plenty of treats to take come too. Then that evening come back to your beach house or condo and walk the beach. Share those moments that make you smile. The joy of spending time together while exploring a different area can really enlighten you to the gifts of Pensacola Beach. After getting married on Pensacola Beach you’ll have a lot to go home and remember. Don’t forget to bring your camera for those moments you want to relive again. Especially the laughing which you will find plenty of at the Greek festival. I look forward to helping you with your wedding and watching you walk into the sunset together.

Beach wedding with a shrimp festival too

Did you get married in Gulf Shores this weekend? If so then you had a great time at the shrimp festival which is held every year about this same time. There’s no fee to enter the shrimp festival and there’s free entertainment.beach bride With arts and crafts and some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat what more could a bride and groom ask? We have married many couples every year during this shrimp festival. Many brides and grooms come back each year for this very reason, it’s a great way to celebrate your anniversary and have a good time with great food. The festival starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday. We’ve had a lot of couples have their beach wedding on Friday, then go to the shrimp festival that night for entertainment, and Saturday ego for the arts and crafts and of course the food! It’s kind of like a reception with a lot of people. But it really is a fun time for everyone. If you have children from previous marriages what a great time for them to come and have fun also. There’s lots of things for the kids and they can participate in the wedding. Your friends and family love being invited to a wedding on the beach with the shrimp festival going on at the same time. Believe me that a will make several trips to the festival and enjoy themselves completely. I’m hoping that next year I see a lot if you here celebrating your anniversaries or weddings right here in Gulf Shores Alabama.

What to say at a Portuguese beach wedding

I had a bride call me who wanted to get married on Pensacola Beach. She was very nice on the phone but I detected an accent and asked where she was from. She tell me she was from Brazil, South America. I was very happy for her and couldn’t do her wedding. She had family flying in from Brazil. The groom was from Brazil as well.bride and groom on Penacola Beach The groom did not speak English. I did know that at the time of booking the wedding, I found that out later, which is a story in itself. So the day arrived for this happy occasion on the beach. There were about 50 people there and no one spoke English except for one person. It was the bride’s cousin, a very nice man. I also didn’t know the bride didn’t speak English very well either. So this day got better and better. While I was talking to the bride’s cousin he told me how the groom did not speak English. So the bride’s cousin and I laid out a plan so we could cap the sweating take place. He worked as interpreter. So we start the wedding and the bride’s cousin interpreted everything I said and everything was going along really smoothly. Then the bride’s uncle wanted to stand up and say a few words during the ceremony. I thought this would be very meaningful for the couple so I agreed to it. Then the bride’s uncle pulls out six pages typed front and back. It took 20 minutes for her uncle to say a few small words. By that time it was dark, when you least expect it things can happen of course it’s going to happen but we persevered and got the pictures thanks to the photographer remembering his flash. It was really an interesting afterwards. The bride and groom picked up and paraded around while tossing them up in the air. What a lively group! It was one of the most entertaining weddings I’ve ever been to. I was later told that the bride and groom had already gotten married in Brazil and that’s why there was no marriage license. All of this was strictly done for the family.

Those loving eyes when you get married on the beach

It’s sunset and a beach wedding has just begun. The groom is waiting by the water with anticipation. People around him are whispering soft words but he doesn’t really hear anything except the soft splash of the waves. wedding on the bayThe bride is about to begin her walk. Her heart aflutter with happiness. I’ve seem this many times, for years now, and the one of the things I love the most is when they first see each other. I will be talking to the groom when I first see the bride. I usually wait until she gets about halfway to us and then I have him turn to see her. I love to watch his face light up because most of the time he hasn’t seen her in her dress. For most men there is a look of awe and excitement, as they know the ceremony is about to begin. He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time and even though the groom seemed very relaxed on the inside he’s jumping up and down. When the bride first sees the groom she will blush, not from modesty but from excitement. She too has been waiting a long time for this moment and has made herself the most beautiful l she will ever look. Hours of preparation has gone into this one moment. Her makeup is perfect, her dress beautiful and her attitude is one of hope and happiness. When two people began a life together it is a joy to see. To watch their expressions is something I’ve been blessed with and I never get tired of it. I love it. I’m hoping I find you one day on the beach and I’m doing you’re wedding for you.

Simple Orange Beach wedding

This Alabama Beach wedding was a very simple affair. The bride had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.bride with kids Her white flowing blouse rippled softly in the breeze while she and her groom walked together across the sand. Both bride and groom had matching eyes, the color of the sea. There were dolphins swimming close by which added to a ambiance of the moment. It was only the two of them and it couldn’t have been more romantic. The bride as me to sprinkle some rose petals from three beautiful roses she had. And they stood on those petals during the ceremony. The bride carried a blue rose with butterflies on it. Although the sky was overcast it pictures turned out beautiful. The small ceremonies are some of my favorites. The romance of just the two if you being there together on the sand is something that poets can only describe. I enjoy my second weddings, these are people who know who they are, where they’re going, and what they want. Most of them are in their late thirties or early forties and have found a love again. I think that’s beautiful when you can find love twice in one lifetime. Most people find it at least once but to find it twice is truly a miracle. Be grateful for what you found in your life including love. For many of you it will be the first time to find the love of your life and to get married to that person. And for some you it will be the second time. I look forward to helping you make this moment the best it can be.

Cold feet at a wedding on the beach? Oh No!

Getting married on Pensacola Beach and there’s a snag in your plans? Although it rarely happens either the bride or the groom can get cold feet. And I don’t mean they’re wearing flip flops. flower girlYou never know what can happen that can make someone changed their mind, however most of the time it’s just nerves and the weddings go through with no problem. Although it’s not easy to get nervous and to doubt yourself, you can get through this by remembering all the wonderful things about your partner. You might have had a little spat a couple days before the beach wedding but remember everybody has disagreements sometimes. Let it roll off your back unless it something’s truly serious. Please remember that your nerves are slightly frayed from all of the excitement. Make sure it really is serious before you make any kind of decision. Speak with someone you know interest like your spiritual leader or maybe your parents. Talk it out with your spouse to be. Learning to compromise for both bride and groom is important when planning your future together. Don’t let something small take away your happiness. If it’s just something small like your shoes didn’t fit or his shirt is too big, let it go. You’re about to get married to the person that you’ve been wanting to get married two for a long time. Don’t sweat the small stuff, my mom always said. She was married for 30 years so I think she knew which he was talking about. I’m sure I’ll be seeing all of you on that beach real soon.

Thoughts on wedding guests and costs

When planning Alabama Beach wedding I’m sure most of you are thinking about reception whether in Alabama or when you get back to your own hometown.¬† And I’m sure most if you have seen on social media the backlash from a guest who failed to let the bride and groom know they were coming to the wedding and reception and the bride sent them a bill. gulf shores weddingNow some of you might think,well you’re just going to have no shows at your wedding and reception. Although this is true it is also extremely rude to bail out at the last minute with an excuse as pitiful as, I couldn’t find a babysitter. You should still call someone and let them know that you can’t make it. You should do something. After all you’re the one that RSVP-ed for the event and at least you can do is say I’m sorry I can’t make it. By doing nothing and making no attempt to contact any one is beyond thoughtless. Why even bother to RSVP? I saw her reaction on line when she was presented with the bill and she rolled her eyes. I can understand why the bride and groom would be frustrated when a guest does nothing to let them know they can’t make it. That’s hard earned money they’ll never get back. Sorry but I’m gonna have to side with the bride and groom on this one. Whether you’re going to a beach wedding or a church wedding or garden wedding it is your duty to be a polite guest. If you even think you can’t come for a any reason always make amends. Do the right thing by showing responsibility and kindness. While that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Is love all you need at a beach wedding in paradise?

You’re having a Florida Beach wedding and you’re wondering to yourself, I found the perfect partner, we’re madly in love with each other, what more could I possibly need? And that really is the big question, is love really all you need? I’ve been in the wedding business for a long time and I love it. rose petalsThere is nothing more precious in the world than bringing two people together as one. Most of the weddings that I perform our beautiful loving events with so much joy you can’t contain it all. But occasionally we have a wedding where there is something lacking. And it’s the one thing some people forget about, respect. Is it as important as love? That is a very good question. Personally I feel that it is. Most couples I marry love and respect each other. A lot of the grooms say to the brides whenever you want to do is fine with me. And they’re very serious about it. But I have found that by planning your beach wedding together is very important especially financial aspects of your ceremony. Making decisions together early will help the bond you have grow even deeper and build respect for each other even more. That’s just one way to start building that bond you have together. Sometimes you’ll have other people trying to influence you into doing something you would normally do. Especially for your wedding. Always make sure to discuss it with your partner first before you make any decision. Although temptations abound by standing firm together nothing can separate you. So stand tall and keep that love going, I’ll be seeing you on the beach very soon.

Orange Beach wedding in a tropical storm

Our bride and groom had decided to get married in Orange Beach Alabama. Everything was all set, we had the arch ready that they had picked out and I was watching the weather channel like I always do. I had been watching it for a few days.hands down I was concerned about a tropical storm that was forming in the Gulf of Mexico. When I called our bride and groom I tell them of my concern for their beach wedding. They assured me that regardless of what happened they wanted to get married that afternoon. I called my photographer and informed him of the bride and groom’s wishes. He said I’m ready if you are. As I continue to watch the progression of the tropical storm that afternoon I called our happy couple and inform them that we would not be able to have the ceremony on the beach as we had planned. Fortunately for us the bride and groom are staying in a condominium that had a clubhouse and we were able to use it. I remember unloading the wedding arch and thinking the wind was really picking up. Most of the guests started arriving and the rain started. Fortunately the bride had already arrived and was in the back room getting ready with the bridesmaids. We got everything setup and had a lovely ceremony in the clubhouse. By that time the tropical storm was in full force. As we started loading the truck I almost got blown over by a large gust of wind. We were finally able to get all of equipment loaded and the photographer and I were drenched. We made it over the bridges before the authorities¬† closed them and thanked our lucky stars we came home that only wet clothes them.