Getting married on Pensacola Beach and they’re in their seventies!

This delightful couple had a Pensacola Beach wedding with their families.  Their daughter had originally contacted me and told me their story. They had lost their spouses the summer before. This couple had met through friends and fell in love. They’re both in their mid seventies and decided not to wait but go ahead and get married. tropical bouquetThey went four our Island Getaway package which is great for small weddings, vow renewals and elopements. It was a beautiful day there on the beach and the surf had some nice waves. It was so cute, everyone had lined up for a procession down the boardwalk and onto the beach but are happy couple wanted to get out there and walked out ahead of everyone. So I guess you could say they led the way. It was a romantic moment having the beach wedding and their lighthearted and carefree demeanor really showed how we should all treasure the moment we have together. Everyone had yellow flowers that were just gorgeous and you really pretty seashell wedding cake up in the room. The condo looked over the beach and of you was breathtaking. Their grandchildren made a heart in the sand with seaweed and put their initials ills in the middle. I felt very blessed to be there that day and will remember this wedding for a long time.

What kind of wedding decor are you looking for

Are you looking for Gulf Shores beach wedding packages that rock your world? If so, we can be of assistance to you. Are you looking for wedding arches? We have curved wedding arches which look more traditional. Some people prefer that style. We also have bamboo wedding arches which is more contemporary. sstarfish boutWe have a wide variety of ways that we can decorate the arches. For instance on are all white wedding arch we can add color which looks really good with the white flowers. It will make those colors pop more. If you prefer bamboo we have burlap which has been a growing trend in the past couple of years. We can also decorate the bamboo with the color if that’s what you prefer, as well as white, a traditional wedding color. If you prefer your beach wedding in Gulf shores a more simple affair you can go with our two first packages which are a minister and photographer only. One great thing about the smaller packages is they are perfect for smaller weddings, elopments and vow renewals. As you can see we try to accommodate our brides as much as possible. It is our desire to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams while you’re down here and Alabama. Also make sure to check out our wedding resources page to find florist and accommodations just to name a few.

marriage license facts

So you want a Pensacola Beach wedding at sunset.  One of the most important things to know in order to get married in Florida is you will need a Florida marriage license. You can get a Florida marriage license from anywhere in the state of Florida and take it anywhere in the state of Florida and get sign However you will need to return your marriage license to the place where it was originally purchased from. Try to get a return envelope from the marriage license office you purchased it from, most of them will provide you with this without you asking. Make sure both bride and groom are present and you both have concurrent identification, which means your identification cannot be expired. You must acquire a marriage license to get married on the beach in Florida. There is no blood test. You can get married the same day you purchase your marriage license if you are both from out of state. You will be asked by the clerk for your Social Security number. Once you get your marriage license please give it to us when you see us and we will melody and for you making your wedding even easier on you. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us and you can find our phone number on the contact page. If you have any questions about marriage license requirements please let us know we will be glad to.

Bride rocks it at Hangout Fest

The bride and groom had gone to Hangout Fest and rocked it out all weekend. They had a wonderful time and the groom’s mother took care of the kids while they’re at the show. Their beach wedding in Orange Beach went so well. knellAll three of their children were there as well as the grooms mom, the groom’s brother and his wife and children. It was a small ceremony on the sand under the soft blush of sunset in the gentle action of the way eaves. In the distance we could see a thunderstorm going on but were safe on the beach. The bride looks stunning in her form fit down that flared out just below her waist. I was down on the beach with the groom and their youngest child waiting for the bride to walk down to us. We’re all having fun on the sand and joking around when we saw her start walking down to us. The flower girl was throwing out seashells instead of rose petals which really fit with the whole beach wedding theme so well. Most of the people in the condominium or inside taking showers and getting ready for their evening meal so we had the beach to ourselves. It really made for a quiet moment on the sand between the two of them.

Looking for a wedding package on the beach

When you’re thinking about getting married in Gulf Shores Alabama on the beach, you also want a wedding package for your needs. Depending on what kind of package you’re looking for it can be a daunting task. helloOn our wedding packages page you will find a variety of packages to assist you in your needs of having the perfect beach wedding. Some of you are going to want a very simple package with just an officiant and photographer. Our first two wedding packages covered that. Some of you are going to want decorations and more pictures and we also have packages that can help you with that. Brides and grooms look online regularly at all the different websites to find that perfect blend. One of our most popular package is is the Island Getaway. It’s a simple wedding package for small weddings. Another favorite this year is Lighthouse Point. This beautiful arch with burlap decor has been a hit with brides this year. There has been an ongoing trend in wedding decorations using more natural materials. This natural look goes well with the white sand and clear water of the Gulf of Mexico. For those of you who prefer more color we have wedding decor if you will find to suit your needs. Please make sure to check out all the pages on the website for useful information that will help you make your decisions.

Another Pensacola Beach wedding on the sand

Our wedding that day started out with the a lot of wind. More wind be that I had seen it in a long time. There was another wedding taking place a few yards down from us and their wedding arbor look like it was about to tip over. lilgrlFortunately I had secured mind in a different way and it didn’t have a lot of drag and we end. When the bride was walking down to as she had at high/low gown, that’s a gown that a shorter in the front and longer in the back. She looked absolutely gorgeous. And she had no problems with the wind. She wore white sun glasses throughout the ceremony and the groom wore sunglasses is well. Very beachy. The water was just gorgeous with the waves and sea spray which gave everything a fairy tale look. With wonderful family and friends this wedding was a blessing for everyone there. After we did family portraits the photographer took the bride and groom down the beach and I stayed with the family and friends. We took turns having married couples pose under the arch and one couple was coming up upon their 10th anniversary. I got to play with a lot of cell phones that date taking pictures it was so much fun. Looking forward to seeing all of you at a beach wedding soon.

It’s sunset here comes the bride

Ready to say I do at your Gulf Shores wedding?  The weather is steaming up with lots of humidity brides are still looking fabulous walking down the aisle at the beach. Gulf Shores has definitely become the wedding capitol of the cell with more weddings being performed here. I’m sure many of you are planning on coming to the Orange Beach and kiss me 3xGulf Shores area to get married in the sand. If you’re a music lover then this weekend would be ideal for you with the Hangout Music Festival going on right now. What fun it would be to go to the festival and then come back and go to your wedding and then go to the festival again. Since we make everything so easy all you have to do a show up with a marriage license anything is possible. Afterwards you could take a parasail ride with just the two of you and enjoy a view that is breathtaking. Your honeymoon would consist of the two of you looking off your balcony over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico with the moon shining down on the water. How romantic is that? Waking up the next morning as husband and wife for the very first time is it joy for couples with the sun rising over the way eaves. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the beach soon.

Vow renewal on Pensacola Beach

Have you been thinking about beach wedding in Pensacola or vow renewal?  The weather is starting to heat up so think about those comfortable wedding gowns that are loose and flowing. For the guys go for khaki slacks and a white button down sure, short sleeve preferably. pensacola weddingThis seems to be what most couples are wearing including the wonderful couple we did a vow renewal for recently on Pensacola Beach. Are lovely bride wore a goddess style flowing gown. The bodice of the dress had a tank style to it with crisscrossing straps across the bodice and ended at the waistline with a loose flowing down down to her feet. Her stargazer lilies looked really pretty with her gown. This couple had been buried 15 years and had two children who were also in the vow renewal. Before we began the ceremony the groom showed me the new ring that he and bought for his wife which she knew nothing about. When we got to the part where they exchanged rings again, he put on her all the wedding than he originally had given her and then put the new wedding band on which made her gasp with delight. The kids were excited as well as they were also in on the secret ring. The soft blush of the sunset really added to the romance of the moment. There was so much love there that day it really makes me happy and feel good about what I do. So I’m looking forward to seeing all of you saying and don’t forget to dress comfortably ’cause it’s starting to heat up.

Fort Morgan wedding

When you think Alabama Beach wedding most if you don’t think about Fort Morgan, a smaller more remote area at the very southwest tip of Alabama. This area is very small and spread out with only a couple of stores out there and that includes restaurants. But it is beautiful and a great place for a wedding on the beach. bride and groom on Penacola BeachOur wonderful couple for the mid May ceremony were very tall folks. The bride was my height and the groom must’ve been 6 foot 5 inches. Our beautiful bride wore daisies in her hair and a beautiful dress that had a golden touch to it. It wasn’t ivory it was more of a pale golden color. She looked breathtaking. Everyone gathered on the beach and I handed out the rose petals. We had made a nice heart and the sand and I swept the sand around the heart so that it made the heart more pronounced. It was filled with red rose petals. Their loving family and friends surrounded them around the edges of the heart. It was really beautiful looking that way. I wish I could’ve had a drone to fly over because you could have seen all the people gathered around the heart so that the people also made the shape of a heart. As the sun began to set our bride walk down to us with her father to escorting her. The ceremony when off spectacularly and before you know it we were saying our goodbyes. It was a great ceremony and I was glad to oh have been able to be part of it. I look forward to seeing all of you on the beach very soon.

Beach wedding gowns come in many colors

The bride for this Pensacola Beach wedding had a beautiful gown that was gray in color. But the gray was medium to deep shade adorned at the bust with jewels and beating. The dress flared out from the bust line in layers of chiffon and went down to her feet. Against the emerald green waters and white sand her dress stood out quite vividly.hands down It really was something to behold and quite lovely. It flattered her skin tone very well. The groom wore a white button down shirt with gray slacks so it looked like a nice outfit well matched for the occasion. The day was beautiful we couldn’t ask for better weather on Pensacola Beach. The humidity was low so it made the wedding quite bearable. The brides youngest sister was there and she was about 10 and very excited to see her sister getting married. The brides mom and dad were there as well with dead walking down the blushing bride to our eager groom. The ceremony went off perfectly and we were really blessed to find a space on the beach well away from everyone giving us some privacy for the nuptials. After family portraits and some intimate shots of our bride and groom we were saying goodbye in driving off into the sunset. The family had chose to stay behind and take some pictures of their own with their cell phones. It was a great day to be on the beach with the wonderful couple and their family.