valentine’s day wedding in the sand

We have a Pensacola Beach wedding on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a long time since we had one. My cousin was married on Valentine’s Day and I was a bridesmaid. So it’s very nice to be having one on the date made especially for lovers.marry me on the sand I think this is only the second time we’ve had a wedding on Valentine’s Day. The bride com added that it was very hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate them. Everything is booked up for this day. But they found some place. I was very happy for them. I know that a lot of people get proposed to on Valentine’s Day. I think it is almost as popular as Christmas when it comes to having someone popped the question. Many brides receive from a ring as a Christmas present. But on Valentine’s Day we’ve heard of bride getting engagement rings in a box of candy. How romantic and sweet. Whenever day you choose for your wedding it will be the best day of the life. So much love and hope will be there for you on your big day. The wedding that we’ve been discussing will have the bride and groom, their parents, and a few close friends. The beach wedding package they have selected is Island Getaway, a simple romantic ceremony. With the beautiful Gulf of Mexico has their backdrop, it will be a beautiful ceremony indeed. There will be a lot of warm kisses which we love to capture the moments in photos. I’m wishing it all if you a very wonderful Valentine’s Day and may you be with the person you love the most.

marriage license info you need to know

Recently I had a bride call me about a beach wedding in Pensacola. While I was telling her how to get a Florida marriage license she told me she would be bringing her Texas marriage license with her.heart in the sand I told her that you cannot use a Texas marriage license in the state of Florida. It’s against the marriage license laws of Florida. She assured me that she could and I assured her that she couldn’t. I was curious as to why she thought this would be possible and she told me that in Texas you can take your marriage license out of state and it would still be legal. I decided to make some phone calls to Texas and find out more information on this subject. After calling around quite a bit I finally found someone who was able to give me some relevant information. The clerk told me if the state permits the Texas marriage license it would be all right to use it. I called the Florida state marriage license office and asked them if this would be legal. They said no. So this is one thing I learned from all this, the state where you are having your beach wedding must accept a Texas marriage license as being valid and because Florida does not recognize a Texas marriage license, the marriage license would be invalid. In other words you would not be legally married unless you had a Florida marrige license and were getting married in Florida. The same goes for Alabama, you must have an Alabama marrige license to get married in Alabama. I had never heard of this state permitting a marriage license to cross state lines. So that was the adventure for Tuesday.

insurance for your wedding on the beach

With winter almost done many of you are thinking about a wedding on Pensacola Beach. There is nothing more beautiful and watching a bride down the beach to the love of her life. It’s the perfect day in the sun is setting in the sky.heart in the sand It sounds like the ideal setting. But what if something should go wrong? This would be the perfect time for us to talk about wedding insurance. When you go to Google and do a search you will find many wedding insurance companies to choose from. You should be able to find one on the first page at will suit your needs. The things that you will need to cover will be the cost of your accommodations, the wedding planner, any travel costs, reception costs, etc. So you’re getting the idea of what you need to look for. Remember this is a completely voluntary but it’s something you may want to think about. Discussed this with your future spouse. By planning ahead you’ll be able to cover things that may affect you. This will take a lot of stress off you and you can get back to planning a wedding and having a clear mind. Of course most of the planning will be done by us and all you need to do is show up with a marriage license. It’s really that simple. And it really should be just that simple. A beach wedding is not complicated at all. With our help we”ll make it so easy you’ll be having a smile face in no time at all.

new beach wedding packges

We have some new Pensacola Beach wedding packages ready for you to see.  Check out Mermaid’s Tale.  This package comes with burlap and netting which could be any mermaid’s dream. Mermaid's Tale The brides seem to like it and they have been my main focus.  I’ve been asking them what they are looking for and they all say the same thing, something different  That says something to me. So I started concentrating on designs that I wasn’t seeing anywhere else.  I started envisioning this design but it needed something and one of my friends said she wished it was longer and Mermaid’s Tale was completed. All that was needed was to go out to the beach, set it up and take pictures. There’s the story.  If you’re wanting some of the most reasonably priced wedding packages on the Gulf Coast we are it.  No high prices here.  We have so many different packages to choose from you will be sure to find what you need.  If you need help call us and we’ll do our best to assist you.  Make sure to check out the resources page for more info to help you plan your beach wedding and trip as well.  I always tell everyone to check out all the pages on the website because of all the valuable info.  These are things you will need to know so bookmark those pages, especially the marriage license page.  That’s an important one.  Make sure you know the requirements before you come and you can always call us so we can discuss other questions you may have.

more weddings on the beach in pensacola

Getting married on Pensacola Beach has never been easier. With the wedding season starting we’ve been getting a lot of calls from around the country with brides and grooms getting ready for their big day.beach bride We’ve had a lot interest in some of our new packages with the Island Beach package being the most popular. We agree. This elegant package is simple in design, bringing the main focus to the bride. That’s our goal here it Beach Bride Weddings LLC. We want our bride to shine. It is our philosophy. So what is your desire for a Pensacola Beach wedding? Do you want something simple with just the beach as your decoration? With nature being your backdrop it sure to bring many memories was the photos you will share with your loved ones. Or do you prefer a bamboo arch decorated with either flowers or burlap? We tried to blend are decorations into the environment so that we complement nature not overshadow it. Are you thinking about getting a beach house? You’re on the right track. This makes a wedding on the beach easier for everyone especially the bride. She can get ready inside and then walked down to the love of her life. Now that’s exciting. So whatever packets you choose you will find you came to the right place. Your happiness is our prime concern. Giving you a professional and thoughtful wedding is what we strive for. Let us know what you think. Fill out our contact form or give us a call.

bride from michigan ready for the beach

The bride wanted to get married on Pensacola Beach and she said she was freezing in Michigan. I asked her how the weather was and she said do you really want know. I laughed and said no that’s OK you said enough. aloha weddingThis lovely bride is coming down in April and planning her wedding. She wants a small wedding with just her husband to be, their children and parents. I love small weddings. So this wonderful couple is going with the Island Getaway package. You can see this package on our beach wedding packages page at the top of this web site. Just click on the link and you are there. We have many packages to choose from for every taste and affordability. Make sure to call us to make sure your data is available. The bride I talked to today was ready for some sunshine and warm weather. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way that she does. I think we can all use some sunshine. Although the eastern part of the United States had a warm winter the cold air finally kicked in last week and everyone got a chill. I’m urging all of you to leave here cares behind it come down to the Gulf Coast and get married on our wonderful beaches. There’s a place for everyone. We also service Gulf Shores Alabama.

save the date for your beach wedding by planning well

For those of you planning your Pensacola Beach wedding and thinking about your wedding day, read on. Like most tourist destinations a beach area can be a good place to have your ceremony, however there are certain dates you will want to avoid.Get married on the beach The main reason we say to avoid these dates is overcrowding. Case in point, Memorial Day weekend on Pensacola Beach. I would not recommend having a wedding on this weekend because it’s the unofficial first day of summer. The amount of people is overwhelming and we have had times when we could not get to the beach. Another day I would not recommend is July 4th. Not only do you have to tourists coming to the beach, you have locals coming as well. It is nearly impossible to get out there. Also avoid Blue Angels weekend. We have an air show on the beach which books up hotels, houses and condominiums at least one year in advance. It’s a great show for air show buffs but stressful for weddings. It is very difficult to find a place to stay when accommodations are limited. So these are three dates you may want to avoid coming to Pensacola Beach to have your wedding ceremony. Other areas that are close to Pensacola Beach are not so overcrowded. I would recommend Perdido Key. This area smaller and more intimate. Perdido Key is located on the western edge of Pensacola, which is located on the mainland. Remember that Pensacola and Pensacola Beach are two different areas separated by 2 bridges and a small area called Gulf Breeze, about 5 miles. I know most of you want the best for your beach wedding in Pensacola and together we can make it happen.

calling all bling rings for weddings on the beach

Getting married in Gulf Shores and still haven’t picked out that ring? Well take a look at Mariah Carey’s 35 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Lavender beach weddingYou could put a city on it, it’s so big. The designer of the ring was Wilfredo Rosado and he spent 12 hours a day for 2 weeks to complete the ring. He had an army of people helping him. I wish she’d come here and let me do a beach wedding for her. In my dreams. Most of you have dreams of your own when it comes to your engagement ring. Describe what you like to the jeweler and see what they choose. Make sure to try on the ring to see how it looks on your finger. Everyone’s hands are different so take your time on choosing. It’s going to be a shining star to remind you of that wonderful day you were proposed to. I’m a big fan of emerald cut myself. What’s your favorite cut? Sometimes you may be handed down a ring that someone’s grandmother or mother once owned. Think about the generations this ring may have been passed down to and will be passed down to through your children. One of my friends took the stones from her grandmother’s engagement ring and had them reset into a different setting that reflected her style. Tell me your story about your ring.  Write down the story so when your children get older you can share the story and the day you were asked to become a bride on the beach.

thank you wedding followers

Adding a wedding on Pensacola Beach? Check out our wedding resources page. This resourceful page will assist you in finding florist, restaurants, places to stay, so much information on this one page.sunset wedding I also want to thank all the people following us on social media. The main purpose for our social media pages are to help inspire you in your quest for the best beach wedding you can possibly have. I want to give you examples of what other couples have done. It takes the guesswork out. The 2016 wedding season is taking off like fireworks. I’m excited for all of you who got engaged last year. Some of you got a ring for Christmas. That was a great present. Some of you have been sweethearts for years and have decided to take that leap of faith. Some of you got lucky and found love again. Congratulations to everyone. Remember you can call us at any time. If we don’t answer please leave a message we will get back with you within 24 hours if not sooner. Most of the time we get back with you the day you call. I know you’re all going to love it down here it’s a beautiful place to come and celebrate your special day in the sun. Make sure to read the website completely as it is filled with a lot of information you need to know. Everything from marriage license requirements for Florida and Alabama to condominiums that are wedding friendly. My goal is to give you a stress free environment for you to express your love to the person you have chosen to become part of your life. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

wedding packages page

For couples dreaming of a wedding on Pensacola Beach make sure to check out our packages page. You’ll find links they’re to Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Orange Beach weddingWe post pictures of weddings so that you can see how other couples have celebrated their special day on the sand. On Pinterest we will show you different wedding gowns that you will enjoy browsing, men’s fashions for ceremonies on the beach and wedding jewelry with ocean themes. We’ve also included beachy bouquets and barefoot sandals, it’s like wearing decorations for your feet. In order to provide different interests for brides and grooms we started these social media pages. So far the response has been a positive one. We’re looking forward to having you check the south and give us your input. Are there pind would like to suggest us? Feel free to twitter back. If you Instagram any of your wedding pictures, let us know we’d love to share them on our pages well. I try to go with them the social media networks and found to be more in tune with what brides and grooms were looking for. We did not do Facebook as this seems to be a more personal site and not so much for interaction as much as the other three I have listed. I hope your beach wedding is everything that it can be and that these networks will help you make great choices.  If you felt that there is any other social network that you would like for us to include please drop as a line and if we feel this would enhance your interaction with the site, we’ll add it.