Spring into an Easter wedding on the beach

How does having a beach wedding in Gulf Shores on a Easter sound to you? Well we have availability so give us a call today we’re looking forward to helping you have that special day. Are you a bride or groom wanting to say I love you on the sand? Gulf Shores is the best place in Alabama to have your ceremony. lilgrlWith the Easter Bunny hiding eggs maybe you’ll find a diamond engagement ring in one of them. What a great way to surprise a bride. Show her some love and walk across the sand to get married in paradise. The weather here has been warming up rapidly so while the rest of the nation is chilling out come down to the gulf coast and warm up to the person you love the most. We have many wedding packages for you decide on. From the largest to the smallest we can fit any wedding with the needs and desires of the bride and groom. Gulf Shores has some of the softest sand around with some of it similar to the consistency of baby powder. Imagine that on the bottom of your feet while you stand by the Gulf of Mexico. Highs should be in the eighties by the time you get down here for Easter so grab the person you love the most and come on down were waiting for you on the beach. I’ll be seeing you at sunset.

Getting married in Florida made easy

One of the best ways to get married in Florida is with the Pensacola Beach wedding. And while some may you might think this is not easy let me assure you that it is. The first thing you need to do is contact us. kiss me 3xYou can either call us or use our contact form and someone will be getting back with you within 24 hour sure less. Make sure to check out all the pages on the website. There is so much useful ember may shun for your wedding in Florida. We have numbers and addresses for all the different florist, places to stay, and just about everything else will need to know on the wedding resources page. Don’t forget about the Florida marriage license you will find a link to it on the marriage license page. It’s very important to get a Florida marriage license if you plan on getting married in Florida. We try to come to you if possible and if we can’t there are several public access areas that you can go to. The wonderful thing about these public access areas is there are no buildings behind them. And since Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa island, you will get that real island feel for your wedding. We have the most beautiful beach you could possibly imagine and Pensacola Beach was voted the number one beach in Florida.

Get married on the beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach

We’re having beautiful weather down here so come on down and get married on the beach in Gulf Shores. That’s right brides and grooms the weather is warming up down here in Southern Alabama and the beach is calling your name. So get your foot flops, wedding gown, and khaki slacks. pensacola weddingWe’ll show you the easiest way to get married you’ve ever seen. On the beach at sunset with the person you love most. Saying I do in the sand is the best way to get married. Each year hundreds of brides and grooms some around our country come to the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama to say I do on this sugar white beaches. Why not become part of the growing trend? Your family and friends would love to come and see you getting married on one of the most beautiful areas in the a Southern United States. Or if you prefer you can always elope or have a small wedding was just the two of you. We also do a second marriages and vow renewals. We’ve seen people celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary out here on these beaches and it’s just as romantic the second time around. So no matter what kind of waiting you’re looking for we can help you have your day in the sun to shine. Just pick up the phone and call us and we can make it happen.

March 20 beach wedding

The beach wedding we had on Pensacola Beach was at a lovely house right on the Gulf of Mexico. It was one of Paradise Beach Homes rentals with a patio underneath the house. That’s where we had the reception and the ladies who were guests at the wedding set the tables and make them look very beachy. escape to paradiseAnother thing I liked about this house was the boardwalk that led to the beach that our lovely bride walk down with her dad. It made for a great photo opportunity. We also had three flower girls and they looked adorable walking down the boardwalk. The bride had a certain style for the wedding arch and we took our Lighthouse Point package and made the alterations that she had requested and they turned out just the way she wanted them. The groom misplaced his shirt, luckily one of the guys at the wedding found it for him and he was able to look decked out in a linen suit with orange flip flops that matched his orange bow tie. The color theme was orange with some blue thrown in which look great up against the Gulf of Mexico and the sand. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the wedding.  The temperature was perfect and the water was different colors of teal and turquoise. Everyone was joyous and full of love and light. I felt so positive when I left the wedding knowing that I made someone very happy. Be seeing you on the beach soon.

Eloping in Gulf Shores Alabama

Is there a beach wedding in Alabama waiting for you? Does eloping appeal to you? Do you think it’s just gonna be easier with just the two of you? Will yes it is. We can handle elopements just about anytime you want to say I do on the sand. Of course it does depend on availability however most of the time we have been able to accommodate brides and grooms for their time to shine in the sun. We have two packages that are perfect for elopements. hands downThe first package is our Island Getaway package. There’s no decorations but it does include an officiant and a photographer, you get 35 color pictures and if you have more than two people we can get a little bit more up to 40-45 pictures. The next beach wedding package is the Two on an Island package. This one you get more pictures with and it appeals to people who have a few more people with them, about 25 to 30. Many couples that are the eloping choose one of these two packages for their ceremony. When you are having a wedding at the last minute make sure to check out a few things like how to get your marriage license is the most important item you will need to know about. Before you do anything check the requirements and make sure you can make it here on time. You will find a link on our web site that will describe wedding requirements for Florida or Alabama.

Spring into a beach wedding in Florida

Temperatures are warming up and so are Pensacola Beach weddings. Did you get proposed to by the love of your life? Do you want a large ceremony or a small intimate one? Either way you have picked the wedding company that can help you get the most bang for your buck. We’re not overpriced in fact we have lowered our prices back to our 2005 prices. tropical bouquetWe know we’re all working hard for money and by understanding brides and grooms trying to not go in debt for their ceremony. It’s not a great way to start a relationship by going overboard and spending a lot of money. So why not save a sandcastle amount of money and have your wedding with us. We can walk you through everything you need to know about getting your marriage license, finding a place to stay, florists, everything you need to know about having your ceremony. Beautiful Pensacola Beach is one of the best areas to get married and one of the most wedding friendly. It really separates itself from a lot of the larger more resort type of areas were you’ll be having large buildings in the background of your wedding. You’ll notice that a lot of these advertisements show a beautiful beach but they don’t show what you see when you turn around. So don’t be deceived, be enchanted. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the beach very soon.

Alabama wants you to get married on the beach

It’s over 80° here and a Gulf Shores beach wedding is all you need to complete this day in paradise. Spring has definitely sprung here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and the temperatures are warming up fast. Grab your sweetheart income on down here to elope. We have plenty availability and a weekday wedding might be just the type of medicine the doctor ordered. sstarfish boutThis beautiful weather has just started and it’s calling your name to say I do when the sand. With plenty of places to stay in this beautiful area you can’t help but fall in love not only with each other but with Gulf Shores. Go too the Florabama and dance the night away in one of the last great road houses. Stop by Cosmos or Cobalt for the are first meal as husband and wife. Order some champagne to celebrate the moment. Walk on the sugar white sands with the one you love the most. This area it is perfect for lovers and with so much to do you’ll never be bored. Brides and grooms says been coming here for years to have their ceremony and the sand so why not be a part of a generation with your own dream wedding. Walk down the aisle with family and friends or run away and get married in Alabama. Either way we’ll be seeing you on the beach sooner than you think.

Ready to warm up for a wedding on the beach in Florida

Brides and grooms are you looking for a beach wedding package to get married in Florid? Look no further. The weather has warmed up, 70°and up during the day and the high fifties at night. It’s perfect weather to say I do on the sand. Pensacola Beach makes for a beautiful wedding destination. wedding signCome down to the gulf coast of Florida and indulge yourself in some memories of your ceremony. You can ask for prettier place than Pensacola Beach. Don’t forget to pack everything you might need including a light jacket but during the day you will want to be wearing some shorts. You will find everything you need to help you with your wedding on our resources page please check it out. You will find everything there from places to get cakes and flowers and two links for different condominiums and hotels. Let your fingers do the walking. Spring of 2015 is the time for love between the two of you. There are plenty of places to stay and I’m sure we can help you find the right one or you can look for yourself. It really depends on what makes your moment perfect. Here’s looking at you on the beach then.

March into your wedding in the sand

March is a great month to come to Gulf Shores and say I do in your own Alabama Beach wedding. What will you we’re? That’s a great thing about getting married on the beach you can wear just about anything you want. We’ve married people and formal attire, shorts, and grass skirts. knellMost brides prefer to wear some type of flowing dress or gown. Lightweight gowns are prefer a beloved in this area for many reasons. A structured gown is heavy and could be difficult getting through the sand. That is the biggest complaint I’ve had from brides about structured gowns. You also get very hot in a structured gown. Your loose flowing dresses are by far more comfortable and easy to move in. We’re also noticing a big trend towards shorter dresses. That means dresses above the knee. Nothing looks more beachy than a bride in a shorter gown. As for them in there are several options there as well. I would not recommend heavy suits at all any time of the year, it looks ridiculous. Was the point of having a beach wedding if you’re gonna wear a suit, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a beach wedding. However I have seen linen suits in all white that look great on men. Most men wear a white button down shirt with khaki slacks and it looks great in photographs. What ever way you choose to wear think comfort and maneuverability above all. Looking forward to seeing you all the beach.

Get married in Florida on the beach

A Pensacola wedding in Florida in the springtime is of very special occasion. Some of the best times to have a peach wedding in Florida are late April and May. One of the best reasons why would be spring break is over, all of the colleges are back in session, and as a quiet time right before summer vacation which begins on Memorial Day. helloThis time of year can find brides and grooms mall over the country converging on this area with marriage in mind. It’s very quiet compared to summer months and you can have your own little piece of beach for yourselves. While the any of you will have a beach house or condominium, some of you will prefer to go down the beach in the area between Pensacola Beach and Navarre. If you’re not going out onto the National Seashore there is no fee. If you do decide on the National Seashore the fee is only $50.00. However there are many public access areas out there including some near the entrance of Fort Pickens. The only thing you can’t do is cross private property. You cannot cut than anyone’s yard or in any condominium property to get to the water. But you really don’t need two because there are so many public access areas on Pensacola Beach. So I’m looking forward to seeing you on the beach saying I do very soon.