Beautiful Bouquets for weddings on the beach

When you think about a beach wedding in Pensacola many of you may wonder about bouquets and what type of flowers look good for these kind of weddings? Keep in mind that you are going be on the beach and this environment can be a little hazardous for some types of flowers, especially the more delicate varieties. bride with kidsYour flowers that like the heat such as roses and lilies do very well on the beach. However there have been several new variations in the bridal bouquets that we’re all accustomed to. We are seeing more silk flowers, which now look exactly like a real flowers. Silk flowers hold up so well in the heat and wind, while keeping the prices down that you would normally paid for live flowers. We’ve also been seeing a lot of burlap floral bouquets which have a very natural look for a wedding on the beach. And another really unusual item that we have seen recently is a bouquet made from wood. If you go on google and type in wood flower bouquet you are going be amazed at what you’re going to see. One great thing about these type of flowers is that they will be with you for a long time and can be displayed anywhere in your home or saved until your anniversary and brought out again to remember the moment when you said I do. I was really surprised when I first saw all wood bouquet, I thought it was the real thing. I hope more of you look into different forms of flowers to complement your day in the sun.

Guests responsibilities at a wedding

As a guest to a Gulf Shores beach wedding some of you may assume that you just show up and have a good time. While this is very true and you will have a good time while you were here, there are certain rules that you must abide by in order to ensure the bride andbeach bride groom’s happiness. One of the first things to remember is do everything you can to be a courteous guest. Do everything you can to help the bride and groom and be on your best behavior. Many of you are probably wondering what to wear to a beach wedding. For men I would suggest khaki slacks and a button down shirt of some kind. If you don’t like khakis then some other form of slacks. Make sure the fabric is lightweight. For women I would suggest a lightweight flowing dress or shirt and slacks. Unless otherwise stated by the bride and groom do not wear jeans. You will get hot. I would also suggest refraining from drinking until the reception begins where you can toast a bride and groom. Alcohol and the sun do not mix well and you can become very sick. If you are bringing your children with you keep a close eye on them as you will be close to the water and children can get fascinated with it quite easily. Do not bring pets unless instructed by the bride and groom. So with the happy couple getting married on the beach, come and wish them wish them well and only leave your footprints and images in your camera.

Beach weddings with the pets

Some of you will be planning a beach wedding in Florida or Alabama and you are debating on whether to bring your dog. We have some experience with the animals in weddings. And while you may think you have a very well behaved dog when you put the same dog in an unfamiliar environment be prepared for the unexpected. kiss me by the seaOne beach wedding that we had was In Navarre and the couple wanted their Labrador retriever to be a bridesmaid. She was all decked out in a multicolor Hawaiian lei and looked adorable. As she started down the aisle with the bride she proceeded to drag the bride straight into the Gulf of Mexico. Oh darn! A another couple who had an Orange Beach wedding had a border collie. This couple wanted their dog to be the ring bearer. A very smart dog in most cases however border collies like to herd other animals including birds. As this dog was being escorted down the aisle by a sweet little flower girl the dog suddenly broke away from her and proceeded down the beach at full speed chasing birds. We all gave chase and eventually caught our wayward ring bearer and brought her back to her position in the bridal lineup. The rings were still intact on the pillow on her back. So before you bring your dog into your wedding there is a lot to think about.

A family united in love

When you have two families with five children and a wedding on Pensacola Beach you get one happy family. This family was so happy to be together it was amazing. All the children got along so well. love at first sightWe had three boys that were the groom’s children, all tall like dad. Are bride had her son and daughter there and they looked a lot like mom. They were originally staying in Perdido Key but wanted to have their wedding at a different beach as they had been exploring the area and burr ready for something new. So we took their beach wedding and brought it over to Pensacola Beach. The water was really pretty that day with the turquoise blue colors moving throughout the water. It was quite a long ride from Perdido Key and but all are courageous family endured it very nicely. The bride had her son walked her down the aisle while we all waited together on the beach for her to make her entrance. The weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was gently setting in the west providing us with beautiful color changes in the sky. The wedding on the sand was so blessed and so much love within this family. Afterwards are family was asking us where to go to get something to keep? We recommended Peg Leg Pete’s and McGuire’s Irish Pub. Two very unique places in completely different from each other get family friendly. I hope they had a wonderful time.

Beach wedding for any age

While most people prefer a beach wedding in Gulf Shores this lovely couple decided on Orange Beach Alabama. And they were right beside the world famous Florabama. bride and groom on Penacola BeachThey were staying in one of the Phoenix condominiums. Our bride and groom were both in their sixties and couldn’t be more in love. The bride wore a white lace dress with matching white pumps and the groom wore a nice button down short sleeve shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. They both had great senses of humor. Even during the ceremony they were making everyone have a smile on their face. I loved it. This young at heart couple couldn’t have been more in love. The bride wanted a beach wedding and the groom of course said OK as most grooms do. If the bride had two of her sisters there which added to the family atmosphere. Some of her grandchildren were there as well. Her sister made the most beautiful bouquet from gladiolas, roses, and orchids. The colors were yellow and deep purple. After the ceremony the photographer shot family portraits and then some romantic portraits of just the two of them. We wrote their names in the sand and put the date there as well. This was a really wonderful wedding on the beach with two very unique people who became a couple.

How to rock a beach wedding

We had a rock-n- roll bride and groom having a Pensacola Beach wedding on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. We got a break from the rain which was really nice and walked out onto the sand to have our ceremony. rocker beach weddingThe groom was out there decked out in a fedora hat and a bow tie with skulls on it. Our bride definitely had the rock-n-roll royalty look and she was working it. These two kids were so cute. Everybody wore black including the two flower girls and the two ring bearers. For their sand ceremony the bride had picked up and some black sand and some white sand. Her mother brought out a small table and put a black piece of cloth over it. Would put the sand ceremony on it. It looked so Gothic. All the family members also were wearing black as was I. The bride even had a black diamond engagement ring. These two young people were wanting to do things are own way and I admired them for that. I had married her brother and they had remembered me and decided to have their ceremony with me. And while they were not a traditional bride and groom they will remain in my memory as one of the most original. Be yourself and be true to yourself at all times. I’ll be seeing you on the beach very soon.

Having children at beach weddings

There is nothing cuter at a beach wedding in Gulf Shores than to see a flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle hand in hand. When you watch a flower girl there owing out her petals one at a time it’s adorable. pretty green bridesmaids dressesAnd a ring bearer holding up his pillow to the happy couple knowing he holds a precious jewel. Children participating in a wedding can be an exciting time for them and a rite of passage. They feel special that the bride and groom have entrusted them with a large responsibility. Although it might not seem like much to us to a child it means the world. When choosing your flower girl or ring bearer it’s important to think about their age. If they are under five you may want to have an adult walk with them. A child under the age of five can easily become distracted by the sand and the water. We’ve had beach weddings where a child protests abating and the ceremony has abruptly stopped, sat down, and started playing in the sand. We’ve also had them run streaking to the water. So having someone walk with younger children is a wise idea. After the age of five children begin to understand their role in the wedding and most look forward to it.

Getting married on Pensacola Beach

We make having a beach wedding on Pensacola Beach super simple. If you’re thinking about having an easy wedding on Pensacola Beach may I suggest the Island Getaway package. heart in the sandThis as a Sunday through Friday wedding package that is only $399. It is by far the favorite package for small weddings, vow renewals and second marriages. This sweet little package consists of an officiant, a photographer, pictures and the beauty of the beach. If you go to our packages page you’ll be able to see an exact description of what you will receive with this package. You will also be able to review our other wedding packages that come with decorations and more photos. We try to offer a wide variety of packages for everyone to choose from. We also have a list of florist, bakeries, salons and accommodations on all our wedding resources page. And let’s not forget about one of the most important things you’re gonna need a marriage license! Are a marriage license page you will find a link to both Florida and Alabama and by clicking on these you’ll learn the requirements for each state. There are some differences so make sure to check out this very important web page. We look forward to helping you plan your special day in the sun and joining you on the beach in beautiful Pensacola Beach Florida.

Have a hot July beach wedding

And I do mean that in the nicest way for your Gulf Shores beach wedding as in staying cool and comfortable. hands downWe recommend loose flowing wedding gowns. With the heat of July you definitely want comfortable clothing and that includes your wedding gown. With the restrictive gown you will be twice as hot as you normally would be with a loose gown. Remember most gowns that shape you have boning in them and petals to help hold you in place so it is something to think about. Also don’t forget the sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and apply it often. Lots of cold drinks to keep you hydrated. Another thing to think about is how to transport the elderly across the sand to your beach wedding. We recommend a wheelchair with large inflatable wheels which you can rent from vendors and stores on the beach. Recently we had a bride who wanted her 92 year old grandmother to see her get married in Gulf Shores and she rented one, gave her grandmother an unmbrella and the lady had a wonderful time. By taking small precautions and advice from people who are familiar with this area you can have the wedding of your dreams in beautiful Gulf Shores.

No weddings on Blue Angel weekend

This Saturday I had no weddings on Pensacola Beach. I’m sure a lot of you are asking why didn’t you have any Pensacola Beach weddings? Especially on Saturday? wedding on the bayWell my friends the Blue Angels, a precision jet team, were performing over the beach starting Friday through Saturday. With Saturday being the main day for the airshow. This draws in huge crowds. The hotels and condominiums get booked up a long time in advance so it can be just about impossible to find a place to stay. A beach wedding during this time is extremely difficult to pull off. Although the show the ends right around 3:00 PM there are still thousands of people on the beach trying to get off the beach. The traffic is unbelievable. I’ve tried to do weddings on blue angel weekend and it was difficult for guests and the wedding party to arrive on time. The last time I tried it on a Saturday the bride arrived 45 minutes late. We were able to do the wedding but we barely got the pictures done before all the light was gone from the sky because the sun had set. But today is Sunday and I have a wedding on Pensacola Beach. Most of the tourists are exhausted from the busy weekend and the locals are not going to the beach today. So it’ll be a pleasant time to have a great wedding.