July 2015 beach weddings

With the start of July we will be having fireworks from beach weddings in Gulf Shores to the delight of everyone. Summer is in full swing and we look forward to you coming down to the Alabama shoreline and having your ceremony with us. It’s so easy to get married in Gulf Shores you could put it all together in less than a day. Perdido Key weddingCall us and we’ll walk you through the steps to make your wedding date shine in the sun. Make sure to check out the marriage license page and if you’re an out of state resident you can get your marriage license the same day you get married providing the marriage license offices open all your day. We have many packages to choose from including the very popular Island Getaway package. Make sure to check out the wedding resources package for information on condominiums, houses and hotels. You can’t go wrong in this area. July is the month to celebrate so celebrate it in style with the Beach Bride Weddings LLC. Make sure to tell your guests to dress comfortably for your sunset wedding. The heat is on but here on the Gulf Coast we keep our cool with the bride and groom sticking their feet in the water after their ceremony.

And then the sun shined on the beach wedding

As we were driving on our way to the beach wedding in Pensacola the skies were overcast and there were sprinkles. But I kept believing that we’re gonna get a break and be able to have the wedding that the bride had dreamed of. We were training a new assistant photographer and I had hoped that the day would not be a total wash out. beach brideAs we approached our destination we realized we were in the wrong place and had to turn back around and go further down the beach. Upon arriving at the condo I went up to see the bride and she looked resplendent. Her floor length gown was a classic a line dress with halter neck and ruffles running length ways down her dress. When she walked the ruffles moved with her and it gave the hemline a very pretty fluttery look. Our groom was more casual with some khaki shorts and a white button down shirt.  He had braided his goatee and looked rather stylish. The bride’s family was with them and we had a wonderful time on the sand. Right when we start walking out there to have beach wedding ceremony the sky opened up to blue hues with light clouds. Everywhere you looked there were rainbows. I told the bride it was good luck if the rained on your wedding day. During the ceremony the photographer counted three rainbows in the sky. It was truly a memorable day.

The 40mph Gulf Shores beach wedding

And all the years I’ve been doing beach weddings in Gulf Shores one stands out in the unbelievable weather category. For most of the time when we do a wedding in Alabama the weather is really quite pleasant was sunny skies and a light breeze. The sand is warm and the wedding goes off without a hitch with everything in its place. As you know some brides and grooms want to get married on their special day regardless of the circumstances. I understand this. pensacola weddingAs long as is not thundering or lightning I don’t mind getting slightly damp. However this wedding really took the wedding cake. I had been following the weather all day and call the bride and groom to inform them that we were going to have 40 mph winds. The very next day the weather was going to be pleasant and sunny. I asked them if they would want to wait and have the wedding the next day.  They informed me that they would not and would go ahead with the wedding as planned. We had to alter our setup so things would not get blown away. Although our efforts were admirable the tiki torches refused to stand up in the sand. We ended up burying them halfway down which made them rather short. But they did stand up. When we started the wedding the wind was blowing so hard that everyone’s hair became plastered against their heads. The wedding when off as good as we could have it. The pictures weren’t bad considering the environment. The next day I went back out there with my camera and took pictures of the bride and groom again so they can have their pictures without 40 mph winds.

A beach wedding with children

This wedding on Pensacola Beach was so much fun, we had five children in the wedding along with their mom and dad. That was all the people we had and it was perfect. The happy bride and groom had chosen the Isle of Love package which is the heart in the sand. Originally we had planned to do the wedding at their condominium however when we walked out onto the beach because of all the tents there was no place to have a wedding. heart in the sandSo we decided to go down the beach and have the ceremony. The bride wore a lovely Grecian style down and the groom wore khaki slacks with a white button down shirt. The two bridesmaids wore beautiful green and dresses and the three grooms men had khaki shorts with blue and green shirts. What attractive family they were in their beach wedding clothes. We got some really great pictures and the ones that I really likes to the most had the entire family. We had a picture of everyone standing around the heart I liked a lot and also one of them sitting on the sand which I thought was very nice. When the bride smiled her whole face lit up. She had one of the nicest smiles of ever seen. At sunset there’s not a lot of people on the beach. I really prefer to do all my weddings at sunset because of this. It gives you a more intimate and private wedding when there’s not a lot of people around. You couldn’t do this in the middle of the day because everyone would become into the beach to enjoy it.

Your wedding on Pensacola Beach for two

Summer 2015 is waiting for your Pensacola wedding so don’t delay, call us today. The weather is heating up and I’m talking 90° today on Pensacola Beach. Of course we have our weddings at sunset when the heat of the day is not so intense. The breeze from the ocean will help keep wedding guests and the bride and groom from sweating too much. hands downBut of course there will be nerves. This joyous occasion can be celebrated on our beautiful white sand beaches here in Florida. With Pensacola Beach being a smaller area you do have beaches where you can get away from the people and have an intimate celebration. When planning your beach wedding make sure to have accommodations already set up. In the summertime it can be difficult to find a room on the beach especially in June. So make those reservations early. Make sure to check out the wedding resources page on the website for valuable information that will make your stay here more comfortable. Pensacola Beach has become the new area to have beach weddings on because it is more accessible then the larger resort areas. It’s easy to finds your own piece of beach to say I do on. And while there are some days in the summertime where it can be busy we have those listed on the contact page. But most of the time it’s a great place to come and celebrate your love.

A wedding on Bon Secour

While it wasn’t a Gulf Shores beach wedding it was certainly memorable and one of the most romantic.  We went to a cabin off Highway 180 going towards Fort Morgan in Alabama. The cap and was called Bay Time and it certainly lived up to its name. There was a Pierre that when an out over Bon Secour and the view was absolutely magnificent with the sunset.wedding on the bay It was very quiet and the bride and groom could hear each other exchange their vows quite well. Their two children work with them and were under five years old. There were mullet jumping everywhere which added to the ambiance of the moment. We got some great pictures and although it was hot over the water there was a slight breeze which really cooled things down. The cabin itself was a homey little place with an incredible view of the bay. When we drove in to have the wedding there were trees coming over the driveway making a natural tunnel with Spanish moss hanging everywhere. It was a one of a kind beach wedding to be sure. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wanted to get married in Gulf Shores. There was so much privacy was one of the top draws of this place. While we were out there I didn’t see anyone and this is June so you can just imagine how private it really was. The only thing we saw was two dogs wandering along the beach. So if you’re looking to get away from an all you might wanna consider this place to get married at.

Great colors to wear to a wedding on the beach

If you’re planning a Pensacola Beach wedding and you’re wondering what colors work well on the beach may I suggest some of our top picks. Of course the bride will wear white but we have seen wedding dresses that are white with blue touches, red touches, and one dress that was completely pink. pretty green bridesmaids dressesSo you can wear just about any color. Most guys wear khaki slacks and a white button down shirt. This photographs really well. The guests can wear just about any color and we seen turquoise, orange, pink, etc. Monochromatic beach weddings on the beach look OK but it wouldn’t be my first choice. They tend to not photographs really good. I think it’s because of the surroundings being a more natural element. I’ve been to monochromatic weddings before and they look really good inside the photograph good inside but not so much on the beach. I’ve also seen weddings were everyone wore white and while in photographs really well the bride tends to be lost in the crowd. Unless she has a pink wedding gown on and then she stands out quite well. At a Pensacola Beach wedding go forth the more natural tones or tropical colors. At the end of the wedding we always do a group shot. It looks really good when there’s a wide assortment of callers up against the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop. I’ll be seeing you on the beach soon.

Photography and weddings in Gulf Shores

A Gulf Shores wedding on the beach is a wonderful event to be cherished with memories forever captured with photography. Here at Beach Bride Weddings LLC the photography is important to catch the right moments at the right time. We only use our staff photographer and do not permit outside professional photographers. palm paradise kissThere is a reason for this. Don’t get me wrong we do permit family members to take pictures, we feel that’s important because they want they’re own pictures. But when a photographer comes from another state and they are unfamiliar with the sand on the beaches and the heat they can become easily overwhelmed. At one time we did permit people to bring their own photographers and the results were not good. I primarily use photographers that are physically fit,  They”re locals and are accustomed to getting through the sand in the heat. Our photographers are in their element at a beach wedding. This sand is very soft here and your feet sink into it and it really feels good on your feet, really comfortable. However up a person that is not familiar would have a hard time getting through that sand. When doing a wedding on the beach you have to be able to capture the moment when it happens. You can’t turn back time and capture that moment when the groom put ring on the bride’s finger. Also my photographer knows my ceremony and we work very closely together throughout the ceremony to get the best pictures that we can.

Beach wedding gowns

When you think of a beach wedding you imagine a bride and groom, family & friends celebrating their love, but you don’t really think about how much it takes to get to that point especially with the wedding gown.  We see all kinds of gowns, dresses & short dresses.  We try to advise to have a dress that’s flowing for easier movement while walking through the sand. knell It really makes it less stressful for the bride during her beach wedding.  The grooms have it easy, a pair of khaki slacks and a white button down shirt.  It photographs better than a suit and goes better with the beach.  But the bride has her dress which she has looked for and tried on many.  On the wedding resources page we have some places to find destination wedding gowns. Please check out that page and the listings we have there to get ideas on what would make a great gown for you many of the dresses are more reasonably priced than a traditional wedding gown. Recently we had one girl who told us about a new place to get wedding gowns and it will be put on the wedding resources page for everyone to check out. There are so many different places to find that perfect dress for your special day. You can find them everywhere. What really matters is how it makes you feel when you’re in it. The address will reflect who you are at that point in time and when you look back on your wedding pictures you will remember who you were at that moment. I feel that’s very important when you look back and reflect. So good luck to everyone, you will find that perfect dress. And when you see the look and your groom’s eyes when he sees few for the first time you will remember it forever.

Don’t forget the weddings rings!

If you’re looking for a beach wedding on Pensacola Beach but want something with the even less people around may I suggest Navarre. That’s where our beach wedding was. Everyone lined up to watch all the bridesmaids walk down the aisle in their beautiful green dresses. With their coral colored necklace is everything looks so beachy. helloThe groom was standing beside me with his best man when he turned to the best man and asked him do you have the rings? The best man replied no he didn’t. I could almost see the bride’s head peeking over the boardwalk. Suddenly we had to stop the wedding. Horrors! I turned and thought maybe the best man was making a joke but unfortunately he wasn’t. I truly the irda for the worst. But we had a hero in our midst and he made a dash back to the condominium to pick up the wedding rings. This man was really fast he wasn’t gone more than 5 minutes. The photographer had stopped the bride at the top of the boardwalk and I went up there and we took some pictures of her her dad while we waited for our hero. Then he comes bounding up the steps with the rings and once down to the groom handing the rings off to the best man. This beach wedding was gonna take place after all. Are bride came over the steps looking radiant and her dad was beaming from ear to ear. Everything when off great, everyone was happy, and that day was saved.