Have a destination wedding on Pensacola Beach

A Pensacola Beach wedding can be an experience you will remember with fond memories. There are many places on Pensacola Beach for a ceremony in the sand. helloPensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa island with beautiful locations for you to enjoy on your special day. Although the area’s small there are many attractions that you will enjoy all spending your honeymoon here. Are you a daredevil? If so you may want to consider a parasailing adventure. Imagine going up on a parachute ½ mile into the air and looking down on Pensacola Beach. Maybe you’d like something more laid back. How about a dolphin cruise? With friendly dolphins jumping out of the water and following the boat. Enjoyed great food fresh from the Gulf of Mexico at many of the local restaurants on Pensacola Beach. There are also places to dance the night away after your ceremony. Brides and grooms won’t have to drive as most of your attractions can be found within a short walk.

Is Navarre your answer to a ceremony on the sand

Have you ever been to Navarre? It’s one of the most beautiful areas you can possibly imagine and it is made beach weddings. escape to paradiseOne of the advantages that Navarre has compared to a place like Destin is fewer people on the beach during your ceremony. You will never find that in a place like Destin. Why you ask? That answer is simple. There are not a lot of high-rise condominiums. You need to remember that a high-rise condominium means more people on a small space up beach. The higher the condominium the war people on the beach during your wedding. That’s what makes the Navarre the best answer for you. You will find beautiful clear water and white sand beaches with seashells. Navarre is called the jewel in the crown of the Emerald Coast. Navarre is only 7 miles from Pensacola Beach making this area a great place for fun and activities for you and your beloved.

Getting married near Gulf Shores Alabama made simple

If you’re thinking about having a beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama, you should be aware that if you plan to use a public access areas such as a park that there will be a fee for the use of the park. hands downThe fee is reasonable and something you should plan for in your budget. If you have a beach house or condominium you can have your wedding they’re without a permit, providing the beach house or condominium gives you permission to have your ceremony on their beach. You may want to consider a beach house in Gulf Shores. .One advantage to having your ceremony your beach house would be a convenience of having your reception there as well. Plus the bride have to get into a car and ride to a location in a wedding gown. Many beach houses in this area are very wedding friendly, on the resources page our web site you will find links to help you decide which house would be best for you

When planning a beach wedding go for privacy

Being alone together on a beach without intrusions can make for a wonderful bonding experience that will last you for many years to come. tropical bouquetMany brides and grooms have started making this their new destination wedding area of choice because Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa Island. This area has many public access areas where you can have your ceremony with white sand beaches under your feet.  Walk together by the Gulf of Mexico and revel in the majesty of this creation.  Get that Island wedding feel without ever leaving the country. The money you save you can put somewhere else in your honeymoon to have even more fun.. like  a romantic sunset sail on a schooner in the bay.  Now that’s a destination wedding you’ll relive with your friends in the stories you will tell after your return home. A Pensacola Beach wedding can be a dream come true for both of you.

Make Navarre Beach your Florida destination wedding

Many brides and grooms have decided to get married in Navarre Beach Florida. When you think about it, it’s really a great place to say I do. It’s a very small area. Currently there are only beach houses and a few condominiums on the beach with the majority of the hotels just over the bridge in Navarre. sstarfish boutThere are also several grocery stores and pharmacies for last minute wedding necessities. No wondering where everything is. There are also several restaurants in Navarre as well as a few nightclubs for dancing the night away. Only seven miles straight down the beach from Pensacola Beach it’s easy to go down and enjoy the entertainment Pensacola Beach provides. If you’re looking for seashells this is the place to do it. Many different kinds can be found here. Honeymooning here is fabulous. No crowds except on major holidays. Just the tow of you walking up and down the beach holding hand and whispering sweet words to each other. I have personally witnessed this happening, especially after their ceremony. There have been couples who have joined hands and walked away into the sunset together. It really doesn’t get any better than that. So take the plunge with us.

How to have a beach wedding in Florida

So you made the big decision to get married in Florida. Congratulations! While some companies try to convince you it’s so complicated that you need help from them, the truth is it’s really not that difficult. wedding signThe first thing you will need to do is find the right man or woman who is your soul mate. Ok you have that one. Check that off your list. Smile yes I’m teasing you just a little. Did that make you smile? Next you need to know Florida marriage license requirements. In the links listed above you will find alot of information on that subject but here’s the basics. Find the marriage license office that’s closest to where you will be staying in Florida. Find out if that office will be open on the day you will be purchasing your license. Get there as early as you can because it’s going to take about forty five minutes to get your marriage license. Make sure you have current picture identification. That’s very important. You will also need your social security number. Those two items are necessary to get a marriage license in Florida. If you don’t have these items you will not receive a marriage license.

Alabama weddings on the beach with the man of your dreams

Gulf Shores can be a great place for the beach wedding of your dreams. It’s easier than it seems. First find a place to stay preferably on the Gulf of Mexico. knellSince you’re going to be paying about the same price regardless of whether you’re on the beach or not why not get a great view? If you get your wedding set up after Labor Day chances are you’ll get a fantastic discount on your lodging. Be willing to shop around, that’s right I’m talking about being flexible. Weekends are where places to stay make their many so go for week days if you want to save even more money. Let your fingers do the talking. There are so many sites that are so user friendly you can point and click your way around most websites very easily. They want you to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for so they will make it easy for you. How many people are you expecting at your wedding? Another question to consider. Try to get everyone to stay in the same place. You can get discounts so ask questions. Some offer the discount and some don’t. Once you get this much done you’re set. The rest you can accomplish.

Saying I do on July 4th

Usually I don’t do weddings on July 4th because it’s so crazy and hard to find places to have a wedding. The beach is full of people from sunrise to sunset. a wakj ti renenberSome are intoxicated. It’s not a fun way to do a wedding if you can’t find enough space to have a ceremony. Most of the time I say no I can’t help you. Some people still want their wedding on July 4th. This couple was no exception. They were so cute and the groom was a sailor. I really couldn’t say no to them. I try to support our military when I can so I said yes. It’s a personal thing with me. So we decided to have the wedding on Perdido Key. I knew they were wouldn’t be a huge crowd out there. I had found a good place to have the ceremony but when I got there it was full and no one was leaving. So I went and found an area most people don’t know about and went there. What luck! There were enough parking for everyone. So happy. We walked out to the beach and had a great ceremony without alot of people around. We were blessed.

Orange Beach is a nice place to tie the knot.

It’s not very difficult to get married in one of the most popular areas on the Gulf Coast to have a beach wedding. All you need is an Alabama marriage license. shyYou will see a link above which will take you to the page. Marriage license requirements can be found on our website, make sure to check them before you go. Taking the ride up Highway fifty nine is the hardest thing you’ll have to do in that process. You’ll probably meet other couples doing the same thing you are, having a beach wedding. Finding a place to stay isn’t really very hard either, thanks to all the information you’ll find on the resources page on the website. You can point and click your way around everything which is amazing. The internet really makes find lodging easy. Orange Beach offers many amenities that Gulf Shores doesn’t and the biggest one is the privacy. Because it’s not as big as Gulf SHores there are plenty of great places to stay. If you prefer a less beaten path for lodging try getting places off the beach for rent. There are areas not far from the beach where it’s really quiet and peaceful. Personally those are my favorite place

We’re wanting to marry you in Alabama

First off let me just say on ABC news last night Gulf Shores was voted one of the cleanest beaches in the United States. And we want it clean y’all. So do a little happy dance if you’re thinking about having your beach wedding here.kiss me 3x Although getting the marriage license is a little inconvenient because you have to go to Bay Minette to get it the Gulf Shores area more than makes up for it. You’re going to be in a beautiful place that’s not as crowded as a lot of other beach wedding destinations. In other words just because you’re not staying in a condo right on the water doesn’t mean you can’t get married here. The only thing you really need is a marriage license. How simple is that? We try to come to you if possible or meet you in one of the many parks that are scattered through out the area. If you do decide to stay in a place on the Gulf of Mexico there are some advantages to doing this. The main reason for doing this is the ease that the bride has. All she has to do is walk outside and she’s there. Chances are she’s going to be wearing a long dress so it’s a lot easier to walk out a door or elevator than go get in a car and drive or ride to the beach you’ve selected to have your ceremony on. It’s something to give some thought to before you make plans. You’ll pay about the same money no matter where you stay so why not make it easier on yourself. You deserve it.