Romantic Gulf Shores Wedding On The Beach In Alabama

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Check out this lovely bride.  Her beautiful hair was done at a local salon in Gulf Shores Alabama for her beach wedding.  This hairstyle really frames her face and makes the most of her streaks in her hair.   I love the way the stylist took the time and patience to style her hair bridal beautiful.  A good stylist can make your wedding day hair the best you’ve ever dreamed for.  Take your time and find the right one for you.  Make sure to ask for the most experienced stylist in the salon for wedding hair.  You don’t want someone fixing your hair who is not familiar with bridal styles.  After all if you want to look your best when you see the person you’ve been waiting for your entire life.  Check out our wedding resources page for links to hair salons. A blue Pensacola Beach wedding was in the works for this bride and groom.  In this picture our lovely bride being escorted down by her mother and father.  Both mother and father are wearing blue.  Everyone was so excited to be on the beach and the wind was not blowing too hard so the bride’s here looked fantastic.  We’re all waiting for her to walk down and the groom was anxiously awaiting his beautiful bride.  We had a really lovely sunset that day and it wasn’t too hot.  One of the advantages of having your wedding at sunset is your guest will be able to stand the heat.  The bride’s gown complemented her figure and she looked outstanding in it.  Even though this wedding was in the middle of the summer we didn’t have a lot of people around to distract anyone.  And that has something to do with sunset again, most people are having dinner or taking showers from being at the beach all day so the afternoons can be very quiet it perfect for weddings on the beach.