Pensacola Wedding Sharon And Chris June 23 2016

pensacola wedding in florida
Here he is a Pensacola wedding on the beach with Sharon and Chris.  As you can see Chris is using his head to keep the sun at Sharon’s face.  Chris had on a tan suit and really fit him well and was in that hot on the beach because it was made of linen.  If you’re a man planning to get married on the beach I would suggest if you want to wear a suit go with linen.  Lenin breathes well on the beach and that can be very helpful when you’re nervous.  Her lovely gown fit her very well and I liked that touches of the pearl necklace and earrings.  Her hair is drapes awfully to one side which helps complement this romantic look.  I really love the way Chris’s boutonniere is peaking over this shoulder in this picture.  It adds another soft touch and blends well with the bouquet on the wedding arch.  I really loved the condominium that they found to stay in.  It wasn’t on the beach but it was very reasonably priced.  You can’t make up for that that’s fantastic.  Such an attractive couple having the time of their lives on the beach.