Gulf Shores Beach Wedding And Reception Packages

gulf shores beach weddings and reception packages
Gulf Shores beach wedding and reception packages can be either really great or really bad. One thing to remember is some companies will offer a reception after the wedding and they may be charging you double for something you could get on your own. Make sure to ask two important questions. The first question is, do you make the food yourself or do you use a caterer who works with you. The reason you should ask this for your beach wedding is if they are using a caterer you are paying double. You shouldn’t be doing that when you could get your own caterer and saw major money. Do not accept that type of arrangement, it is not fair to you. If the company says they cook their own food then request a certificate from the health department. This certificate will show if they passed inspection which is required of anyone who dispenses food for profit. It could be very important should any of your guests get sick from the food. This charming couple had a entertaining reception and found a caterer that made the type of food they wanted which was traditional Southern fare. #BeachWeddingPackagesGulfShores They had barbecued pulled pork, turnip greens, black eye peas and cornbread. The cake was from Sherry’s Cake Shop which is a favorite among brides to be. I stayed for the reception. Their food was made by their favorite caterer which was the groom’s aunt. She was a professional caterer for years and she could cook good!  I loved her gown. This Gulf Shores wedding was a colorful affair. I really loved the navy blue touches. Not only in the bridesmaid’s dress but in the grooms men’s shirts.  Looks great with the beach. Such a wonderful couple with friends. It was a sunny day on the beach but they made the most of it.